33+ Christmas Gifts For Travel Lovers

Top Christmas gifts for travel lovers that they will actually use!

Looking for a holiday gift to spoil the frequent traveller in your life? Or perhaps, you are a travel lover and want to treat yourself or build your wishlist.  Look no further, here are the top Christmas gifts for travel lovers.

I pride myself on being a thoughtful gift giver and am constantly searching the internet, shopping in stores and asking for recommendations during the holiday period. This year I’ve started preparing early so you don’t have to stress last minute! I’ve got you covered no matter what your budget is.

Let’s skip the basic travel passport holder and gift your loved one something they will use and love for a long time. 

Here are my top Christmas gifts for travel lovers that you need to know about! 

christmas gifts for travel

Budget Christmas Gifts for Travel

Christmas gifts for travelers that are suitable for all budgets.

Under $50

Here are my top Christmas gifts for travel lovers that are under $50. These gifts are practical for any traveller and will be worth the investment as they will get tons of use! 

Portable Charger

A portable charger that is long-lasting and quick to charge is a very practical gift that will be a lifesaver for any traveller. This charger can charge an iPhone 3x faster than the original Apple cable! 

Plus it comes with a foldable wall plug so you can charge it at the same time as charging your phone! A unique, practical gift that won’t break the bank but will have a huge impact on your loved one. 

Travel neck pillow

Again, another necessity that is extremely useful. A good quality neck pillow is a must for me on long-haul flights. Ensure your traveller gets a good night’s rest by buying them a memory foam neck pillow. 

Alternatively, I love a convertible neck pillow that you can transform into a square pillow. This is great for use on the plane but also doubles as a small pillow when travelling on the go. There’s nothing worse than staying at a hostel where the pillows are questionable. 

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a great affordable gift for staying organised on long trips. There are loads available on the market but I have linked a set that I would purchase for a friend. 

Packing cubes are essential when backpacking, so a perfect gift for someone who is ditching the suitcase for a backpack. 

Carry on toiletry bag

I’m sure I’m not the only one who grabs for a plastic disposable zip lock bag when packing my carry-on liquids. These carry-on toiletry bags are a much better alternative, plus it comes in a set for packing other toiletry items in your luggage. 

The beauty of clear toiletry bags is that you can quickly see what’s in them so when you’re constantly on the go you can find what you need. 

Luggage Scale

Do you have a frequent over-packer in your circle? Then they need a portable luggage scale to keep them in check. 

I don’t know how I lived without one of these! No longer do I have to arrive at the airport stressing that my bag is over the allowance. 

Weigh your bag at home before you leave to optimise the weight of your carry-on and checked luggage. Plus it’s small enough to chuck in your bag to weigh it before heading home after all the shopping. 

iPhone Pro Lens 

Up their travel photography game with this pro lens that is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and laptops! Pair your iPhones, Android, Samsung, Huwai, Google Pixel or another device with this lens for landscape shots, group photos and high-quality close-ups. 

A small, travel-friendly gadget that comes with a lanyard so it will never get lost. Certainly an affordable option instead of purchasing a camera.

christmas gifts for travelers
Smartphone camera lens

Air Tags

Air Tags are a must for travellers who are frequently losing valuables on their trips. Apple Air Tags are relatively new to the market, so great for gifting someone who has everything. 

Attach an Air Tag to keys, a wallet, handbag, backpack or anything really! The Air Tag connects to your iPhone so you can track all your belongings in the Find My app. 

The tag will even make a sound when you’re trying to locate an item.

Under $110

Next, we have Christmas gifts for travel lovers under $150. These gifts vary in price to suit every budget and will be loved by everyone. 

Sony portable Bluetooth speaker

A lightweight portable Bluetooth speaker that packs a punch is another great gift idea. Plus, if you opt for the Sony XE200, it comes with the added bonus of being water resistant and shockproof, essential for travel!

Portable speakers are great for travel but are also very useful for back home entertaining guests. Win-win!

Cooler Bag

Now your loved one may already have a cooler bag, however, often times they are worn out and not as stylish or practical as the Business & Pleasure Co cooler bag!

A great gift for day trips to the beach, picnics by a waterful, weekend getaways or even BBQs with friends. With cute designs for men or women, this cooler bag will stand out from the rest.

Women’s Toiletry bag

A new toiletry bag that is stylish and practical is a great option for men or women. Toiletry bags can get worn out and stained with lots of use, so gifting a fresh new one that matches their style is very practical. 

Something people don’t usually invest in often so why not treat them? 

See below for what I would choose if buying a toiletry bag for a man or woman

Men’s Toiletry Bag

Luxury Christmas Gifts for Travel

These next Christmas gifts for travel lovers are for the luxurious traveller or that special someone that you want to spoil. 

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noisy aeroplanes, long bus rides and long layovers are exhausting. Investing in top-quality noise-cancelling headphones will make any journey more enjoyable. 

I like to play relaxing sleep music from a Spotify playlist when flying to drown out all the noises and drift off to sleep. Noise-cancelling headphones allow you to remove yourself from the outside world and find inner peace. 

Wireless Earphones

Following along the lines of headphones, perhaps you prefer to purchase wireless earphones instead. 

Beats by Dre offer some of the best wireless earphones on the market, plus they are also noise-cancelling. The earphones come with 3 earpiece sizes to ensure optimal comfort and are super long-lasting with up to 24 hours of combined playback.

What I love about Beats over Apple Airpods is the fast fuel charging mode that will give you extra power in 5 minutes for up to 1 hour of charge when your battery is low. 

Check them out to learn even more about the cool features on offer. 


For the traveller that always has a book in hand! I must say, nothing does beat a physical book and the feeling of turning the pages, however, when it comes to travelling, especially longer trips, a Kindle is a great way to save space by leaving the books at home. 

If you are wanting to add to the present, why not purchase some of their all-time favourite books and add them to the Kindle? A thoughtful touch that will go a long way. 


As an alternative to a kindle, consider upgrading the gift and purchasing a tablet or Ipad. They can use the tablet on their travels to read books, watch Netflix, Google must-see destinations, store digital travel documents, post photos on social media and much more. 

A great travel companion for anyone on any trip. 

Hard Case Suitcase Personalised

A personalised hard case suitcase is a special gift any frequent traveller will appreciate. July does a great range of colours and you can add a personalised touch to ensure they never lose their bag and can quickly identify it on the baggage carousel. 

Oh, and they are super cute and make for a great airport Instagram pic!

Spa Voucher

Why not treat your loved one to a voucher to the best local spa to unwind after their travels? 

Even better, find out more about the next planned trip and check out TripAdvisor for some of the best spa recommendations in the area. 

Travel is stressful and often tiring on the body. A massage treatment, facial or sauna experience is a luxurious way to reset and rejuvenate. 

Hotel Voucher 

On the same train of thought, spoil that special someone to a room upgrade by purchasing a voucher to a fancy hotel chain that is worldwide so they can cash it in on any upcoming trips. Or it gives them an excuse to start planning one! 

I love using TripAdvisor as a starting point for finding the best-rated hotels. For some inspiration, check out the top 25 small stay hotels in 2022 as rated by travellers

Christmas Gifts for Travel Adventurers

The next category is travel gift ideas for adventure seekers who are constantly planning adrenaline-spiking experiences.

Waterproof iPhone Case

A waterproof iPhone case is a thoughtful gift for travellers venturing off on adventurous trips or frequent beachgoers. 

This iPhone case is suitable for fishing trips, kayaking, boating, swimming, snorkelling and more! 

When travelling solo, it can be difficult to keep your belongings on you at all times, especially if you want to go for a beach dip. This waterproof case will protect your traveller’s valuables whilst they are off enjoying water sports!

Plus, taking photos in the water is another great pro!

travel gift ideas for him

Travel Hammock

Next on the gift life for adventure seekers is a travel hammock. An illuminated portable camping hammock is a fun gift for the adventure seeker. With plenty of room for 2 and integrated LED lights with 4 lighting modes, this gift is great for a couple or an individual. 


Hiking to the peak of breathtaking mountains, rock-climbing cliff faces, snowboarding black runs or white water rafting down river streams are epic adventures that need to be captured. 

There’s no better way to record adventure activities than with a GoPro. Add on a $7 head mount for the ultimate gift. 


A sport or smartwatch is another adventure seeker gift idea for Christmas this year. Garmin has a great range of watches at all different price points to suit your budget, male or female. 

Another great benefit of gifting a smartwatch is that some have location tracking, so you can ensure your loved one is safe on their travels. 

Below are a few options I recommend you explore to find the perfect watch for your gift recipient. 

Travel Gifts For Men

Next up we have travel gift ideas for him. Surely I’m not the only one who struggles to buy gifts for men. I hope these options make your Christmas shopping a little easier. 

Travel-friendly cologne 

Men’s cologne is usually bought or gifted in full-size products, which aren’t travel-friendly. 

Buy a range of miniature perfumes for them to test out on the road. Or as another option, if you’re not too sure what scents they will like, gift them a universal bullet travel perfume spray. They can decant any of their favourite scents into this spray bottle for travelling on the go. 


Sunglasses are known for getting lost or broken on travels, so a spare pair is often needed. 

Gift them a new pair of sunglasses that matches their fashion sense to instantly freshen up their travel wardrobe. Below are a few options that are worth exploring. 

Weekend Duffle Bag

Not all men have high-quality, stylish weekender bags. Often they just reach for a sports bag. Gift a leather or canvas weekend bag that they can take on short-haul trips. 

Travel Gifts For Women

These next travel gifts are perfect for your girlfriend, best friend or sister. 

Travel Jewellery Box

Keep their precious jewellery safe and tangle-free on their travels with a travel jewellery box. Or they can use a travel jewellery box for storing jewellery or packing accessories when getting ready for work or an event. 

Roll on Perfume

A gift idea mentioned earlier for men, why not a travel-friendly perfume for women? 

I love wearing a new perfume on travels, as the scent then becomes associated with the memories of the trip.

Travel Backpack

Gift a cute new carry-on bag or day-to-day backpack. Practical and a new wardrobe addition that they will love and use. 

For more carry-on essentials that also make great gifts, check out my International Carry On Guide. 

Travel Phone Case

Carry your passion of travel around with you on your phone. I think a lovely gift for any traveller is a phone case that is inspired by travel. Keep their travel bug alive by picking a case with their favourite or bucket list destinations. 

Beach Cover Up

Beach cover-ups are a fashion staple for tropical vacations. With loads of patterns, cuts and fabrics available, switching out their favourite beach cover-up is a great gift idea. 

Some beach coverups are also one size fit’s all which makes shopping a lot easier. 

Beach Bag

A trendy beach bag is another idea for a beach babe.

Use a beach bag as a multi-purpose bag for shopping, day trips, visiting friends and more.

Satin Eye Mask & Multi Way Sleep Scarf

Get some much-needed sleep on long-haul flights with this duo, a satin eyemask and a multi-way sleep scarf. Allow them to escape and drift off to sleep with these gorgeous silky smooth sleep masks. 


Sunglasses can transform an outfit. And they are great for make-up-free days or hungover mornings. Here is a range of stylish sunnies for any style or trip. 

Those are my top Christmas gifts for travel lovers! 

Leave any other ideas in the comments or let me know if you purchased any of the above! 

For more gift ideas, check out my 15 housewarming gift ideas next!

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