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4 Best Espiritu Santo Vanuatu Resorts


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re on the hunt for the perfect tropical getaway in the heart of the South Pacific. Well, look no further because I’ve got all the insights that you need so you can choose from a range of Espiritu Santo Vanuatu resorts. 

I recently had the pleasure of exploring the mesmerizing island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, and let me tell you, it’s a slice of paradise that’s worth every bit of the journey.

From the gorgeous blue holes to the picture-perfect beaches and incredible snorkeling, Espiritu Santo Island is well worth the visit.

In this blog post, I’m going to go through the best resorts this island has to offer and trust me, there’s something here for everyone – from those seeking a romantic escape to adventure junkies looking to get their adrenaline fix. 

So get comfy and let’s embark on a journey through the best Espiritu Santo Vanuatu resorts.

My Pick
turtle bay lodge vanuatu

📍Turtle Bay Lodge

In a hurry? Book where I stayed. I absolutely loved my stay at Turtle Bay Lodge – the location, friendly staff, and on-site restaurant serving delicious meals were my highlights.

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Espiritu Santo Vanuatu Resorts Overview

Booking accommodation in Vanuatu can be tricky as there aren’t loads of options, especially budget-friendly options. Plus getting around the islands can be difficult, so picking a good location to stay is essential!

As I was travelling solo in a country that can be a little tricky to get around it was essential that I opted for a good location and place where there were transport services available such as airport transfers and car hire. 

I would highly recommend you spend a little more on accommodation that offers transport services, organised tours and equipment rentals such as bikes and kayaks as it will save you time and money in the end. 

Enough about me, let’s dive into some blue waters, no wait, let’s dive into the best Espiritu Santo Vanuatu resorts on offer!

These resorts offer great value with inclusions such as breakfast, shuttle services, tour desk, dive centers, and even some spa pampering. 

1. Turtle Bay Lodge – Where I stayed! 


⭐ 9.2/10 (116 reviews)
Free breakfast
On-site restaurant and bar
Car & quad bike rentals are available 
Tour desk 
PADI Dive Centre
Airport shuttle
Snorkel & kayak rental
Free Wi-Fi
➡️ Book now!

I had the pleasure of soaking in the splendid waterfront vibes at Turtle Bay Lodge. This gem of a place is just a breezy 20-minute drive away from Luganville and a quick 25-minute hop from the Santo-Pekoa International Airport. 

Plus, it’s perfectly situated smack in the middle of all the action, making it your ideal launchpad for exploring the wonders of Santo.

Want to snorkel amidst vibrant coral reefs and turtles? Check. Prefer lazing in the serene bay waters? Done. Fancy a kayak adventure to the famous Blue Holes?

You got it!

And if you’re more of a DIY explorer, they’ve even got on-site cars or quad bikes you can rent to roam the island at your own pace. That’s what I did to explore north of the island including the stunning Champagne Beach and Port Orly. 

And as a guest at Turtle Bay Lodge, you’re in for some awesome perks and amazing service. 

They dish out free continental breakfast with fresh fruits, bread and coffee to fuel your adventures, and yes, there’s free WiFi for all your ‘gramming needs.

Your cozy room is kept cool with a trusty fan and/or aircon, a must in the tropical heat. Inside, you’ll find a handy fridge, tea and coffee-making gear, and an en suite bathroom with local toiletries that are sustainable.

When dinner rolls around, The Salty Dog Bar and Restaurant has got you covered with daily cocktails and a menu featuring local seafood, organic beef, veggies, and pizzas.

Some nights there will also be added activities or shows, one night I was treated to a fire dance performance. 

And they offer an airport shuttle service so getting to and from the airport, no matter what time of day, is super easy. 

I highly recommend staying at Turtle Bay Lodge. I was well looked after by the owners and staff, everything from a free room upgrade, and a welcome drink at 1 a.m. when my flight was delayed to exchanging cash when I ran out. 

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Just a quick word on safety. I traveled as a solo young woman to Vanuatu and felt very safe. I did run into a few hiccups however which I go through in this Vanuatu safety guide.

Aore island offers some of the best snorkeling on Espiritu Island

2. Aore Island Resort – Romantic Escape 


⭐ 8.9/10 (55 reviews)
Restaurant & bar
Airport shuttle
Private beach area
Free breakfast
Free snorkel rental
➡️ Book now!

Located on the secluded tropical island of Espiritu Santo, Aore Island beachfront resort promises a wonderful escape with complimentary ferry transfers (15 minutes) to and from Luganville.

I haven’t had the pleasure of staying here myself, but let me paint you a picture of what you can expect.

First off, imagine basking in the sun by the 12-meter swimming pool or indulging at the resort’s all-day restaurant. 

These charming bungalows, positioned along the beach and surrounded by tropical gardens, come equipped with handy amenities. You’ll find a trusty refrigerator, tea/coffee-making gear, and ceiling fans to keep you comfortable. 

Hungry? The Nakamal Restaurant has you covered with a menu offering light meals, fresh salads, and pizzas all day long. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try local delicacies like the famous Santo beef, lobsters, and the freshest seafood. 

Just keep in mind that WiFi is available in the restaurant area only, and it comes with an additional charge.

Now, here’s the fun part – Aore Island Vanuatu knows how to throw a party. Their “Island Night” features local dancers, musicians, and storytellers, offering a taste of the vibrant culture.

You can even give the local “kava” drink a try. And for those after some adventure, the resort can arrange activities like fishing, diving, snorkeling, and plantation tours.

But the real gem here? World-class swimming and snorkeling just steps from your private bungalow. 

Plus, they’ve got you covered with adult snorkel and mask gear for your stay, so you can explore the underwater world at your leisure.

So, while I haven’t personally experienced Aore Island Resort, it sure sounds like a slice of paradise worth discovering. 

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Aerial views of Vanuatu from one of the best Espiritu Santo Vanuatu resorts

3. The Espiritu – Comfortable Hotel Stay


⭐ 8.3/10 (59 reviews)
Airport shuttle
Free Wi-Fi
Restaurant & bar
Room service
Free breakfast
Car rental available
➡️ Book now!

The Espiritu Hotel in the heart of Luganville has quite the reputation for offering a comfy stay, and while I haven’t had the pleasure of staying there myself, I’ve heard some great things about it.

First off, this place is all about convenience. It’s a mere 5-minute stroll from shops, cafes, and dive centers, making it a perfect hub for travelers looking to explore the town.

Plus, they’ve got free Wi-Fi to keep you connected and a complimentary continental breakfast to kickstart your day.

Now, let’s talk relaxation – The Espiritu Hotel has a swimming pool where you can cool off, gorgeous gardens, and even in-room massages if you’re in the mood for some pampering. And for those with a rental car, fear not; they offer free parking right on-site.

If you’re planning to jet in, Santo Pekoa International Airport is just a 10-minute drive away. And for those beach bums among us, you’re in luck!

The nearest sandy shore is just a short ferry ride away to Aore Island, while the renowned Champagne Beach is a scenic 50-minute drive.

As for the rooms, they’re air-conditioned and equipped with must-haves like a safety deposit box, bar fridge, flat-screen TV, and a DVD player.

You’ll also find a private bathroom with a shower and guest toiletries, and most rooms even have a private balcony with ocean views.

Feeling adventurous? The tour desk can hook you up with fishing charters, diving escapades, and day tours around the island. Need wheels to explore? They’ve got car rental and airport transfers covered. 

And when hunger strikes, The Tu Restaurant and Bar serves up modern Australian cuisine with a delicious hint of Italian and Thai influence. Plus, they’ve got a stellar selection of local beer and Australian and New Zealand wines at the bar.

➡️ Click here to check the availability of The Espiritu

Wondering if you can afford a holiday in Vanuatu? Check out my detailed guide covering all the expenses you can expect in Vanuatu.

Nanda Blue Hole is a must see no matter where you stay in Espiritu Santo

4. Deco Stop Lodge – Luganville Resort


⭐ 8.6/10 (10 reviews)
Airport shuttle
Free breakfast
Restaurant & bar
Tour desk
Car rental
➡️ Book now!

A stay at Deco Stop Lodge comes with sweeping views of the picturesque Segond Channel. Here, you’ll find a charming restaurant, a massage hut, and an infinity pool to make your stay unforgettable.

And guess what? They’ve got some extra perks too, like free Wi-Fi in common areas and a complimentary continental breakfast.

Deco Stop is conveniently situated just a 10-minute stroll from Luganville, and if you’re up for a little adventure, Palikulo Bay is just a 15-minute drive away. 

Now, let’s talk about these rooms. They’re designed with your comfort in mind, boasting air conditioning, ceiling fans, a handy small refrigerator, insect screening to keep those pesky bugs at bay, and the all-important tea and plunger coffee-making facilities.

When your stomach starts rumbling, The Narcosis Bar & Restaurant has got you covered with a spread including local seafood and international cuisine. And don’t forget to check out their fully stocked bar, where you can sip on local and imported beers, wines, and handcrafted cocktails. 

Your continental breakfast is equally delightful, featuring homemade muesli, locally made pastries, toast, fresh juices, seasonal local fruits, and plunger coffee.

If you’re in the mood for adventure (and who isn’t?), the reception desk at Deco Stop is your go-to for booking tours or organising a rental car.

➡️ Book your stay at Deco Lodge here

Inside Turtle Bay Lodge marquee a safe and comfortable stay

FAQs: Espiritu Santo Vanuatu Resorts

Moving onto some commonly asked questions about Espiritu Santo resorts. 

How do you get to Espiritu Santo?

Getting to Espiritu Santo can be a bit of a journey depending on where you’re coming from. To reach the island you need to take a short plane ride (around 50 minutes) from Port Vila. From there, wait for your airport shuttle or book a taxi to take you off to your dreamy resort.

What’s Espiritu Santo known for?

Ah, Santo is famous for its jaw-dropping beauty. 

Think white sandy beaches with bright blue waters, those magical blue holes, and some seriously Instagram-worthy coral reefs. 

Divers and snorkelers, this place is your playground. Plus, there’s a cool WWII history to explore with sunken wrecks and relics. And, of course, it’s all wrapped up in a laid-back island vibe.

Which island nation does Espiritu Santo belong to?

Santo is a part of the incredible island nation of Vanuatu. Yep, that’s the one! 

Vanuatu is like a hidden gem in the South Pacific, and Santo is one of its shining stars.

How big is Santo Island?

Santo is no small fry. It’s actually the biggest island in the Vanuatu. It spreads out over about 3,955 square kilometers (or 1,528 square miles, if you’re into numbers). 

So, there’s plenty of room to explore.

Where do cruise ships dock at Espiritu Santo?

Cruise ships usually roll into Luganville, which is Santo’s main town. 

They’ve got a handy harbor and spots for ships to tie up, so you can hop off your floating resort and start exploring the island in no time.

The Wrap-Up: Best Espiritu Santo Vanuatu Resorts

Well, that’s a wrap on our journey through the incredible world of Espiritu Santo Vanuatu resorts! 

Whether you’re into diving, snorkeling, history, or simply lounging on pristine beaches, this island has something for everyone.

And a stay at one of these fantastic resorts we’ve discussed only adds to this slice of island luxury. From Turtle Bay Lodge’s waterfront charm to Aore Island Resort’s secluded haven, and The Espiritu Hotel’s convenient comforts to Deco Stop’s tropical oasis, there’s a resort for every traveler’s taste.

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