Is maldives worth visiting?

Defining Decade

Maldives Pros

1. Stunning Natural Beauty 2. 5-star Luxury 3. Prime Relaxation 4. Romantic Getaway

Maldives cons

1. You need deep pockets (or do you?!) 2. Limited things to do beyond water sports 3. Environmental Impact 4. Tricky to access

Is the maldives really that expensive?

Not with the following tips!


1. Stay on local islands 2. Opt for local guest houses 3. Book well in advance 4. Avoid peak times of Dec-Feb 5. Take the ferry instead of scenic flight

Maldives on a budget!

how many days in the maldives?

At least 4-5 days to tick off...


1. Sand Banks 2. Snorkelling or scuba diving 3. A Dolphin Tour 4. Day trip to a resort 5. Relaxing by the beach and at the spa

Things to Do in Maldives

So is the maldives worth visiting?

Heck yes!!! The Maldives is a bucket list destination not to be missed. Just look at how gorgeous it is! Plus it doesn't have to be super expensive!