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Hong Kong Vs Tokyo: Which To Visit (From a Travel Expert) 


Hong Kong vs Tokyo – the ultimate face-off for your next city adventure! Heading to Asia but torn between the magnetic allure of Hong Kong and the vibrant energy of Tokyo?

This is the ultimate comparison guide where we dive into these two urban giants, dissecting the pros and cons to help you choose your destination for your upcoming trip!

As a seasoned traveler who has roamed the bustling streets of various Asian cities and worked in the travel industry, I’m here to guide you through Hong Kong and Tokyo, cutting through the fluff with facts and sharing my honest opinions. 

Get ready to explore the organized chaos of Hong Kong matched against the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation in Tokyo. From dim sum to sushi, skyscrapers to shrines, we’re delving into the essentials to guide you in choosing the perfect city for your next adventure. 

Let the Hong Kong vs. Tokyo face-off begin!

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Hong Kong vs Tokyo: How do Hong Kong and Tokyo Compare?

Now, let’s unravel the intricacies of these two incredible cities, focusing on key aspects such as weather, food, accommodation, cost, safety, transportation, and more, providing you with insights to elevate your travel decision.

Hong Kong vs Tokyo weather, you can't beat the cherry blossoms In Tokyo in spring!
Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Hong Kong vs Tokyo Weather

Both Hong Kong and Tokyo offer different weather conditions. Hong Kong has a subtropical climate, with hot and humid summers and milder winters. Expect occasional typhoons and abundant rainfall, especially during the wet season.

Meanwhile, Tokyo experiences the charm of four distinct seasons, with cherry blossoms lining the city in spring and autumn painting the streets with vibrant hues of red and orange. Winters may bring a touch of snowfall, and can get pretty cold!

Whether you fancy the subtropical year-round warmth of Hong Kong or the seasonal variety of Tokyo, both cities promise unique weather experiences. 

Personally, I appreciate the diversity of seasons, making Tokyo my preference.

? Winner: Tokyo

Ichiran Ramen in Tokyo is one of the must-eats in Japan
Ichiran Ramen, Tokyo

Hong Kong vs Tokyo Food

When it comes to food in Hong Kong and Tokyo you really can’t go wrong with either!

Tokyo’s street markets and upscale restaurants showcase the artistry of Japanese cuisine, from flavor-packed ramen to delicate sushi.

Must-eats in Tokyo:

✔️ Tsukiji Outer Market for sushi and fresh seafood

✔️ Ichiran Ramen for the popular individual booth ramen experience

✔️ Ameya Yokocho Street Market

Hong Kong, on the other hand, is a haven of diverse flavors, influenced by Cantonese, British, and international cuisines. From dim sum delicacies to mouth-watering roast meats, Hong Kong’s food scene is one not to miss. 

Must-eats in Hong Kong:

✔️ DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store for traditional dim sum

✔️ Yat Lok for succulent roast goose

✔️ Temple Street Night Market for street food delights

Whether you crave the delicate intricacies of Tokyo’s cuisine or the bold flavors of Hong Kong, both cities serve up an array of street food and fine dining experiences. 

As the proverb goes “Chinese cuisine is Fire while Japanese cuisine is Water.”

The choice ultimately rests on your palate – sushi or dim sum?

For me, Tokyo gets a slight edge for its immersive culinary experiences that goes beyond just food – plus I’m obsessed with a katsu curry! 

? Winner: Tokyo

Cable Car in Hong Kong offers stunning views of the natural beauty that you simply can't get in Tokyo
Cable Car, Hong Kong

Hong Kong or Tokyo Transport 

Navigating the hectic streets of these two cities requires an efficient transport system, and both Hong Kong and Tokyo deliver.

Hong Kong’s iconic public transport includes a comprehensive MTR (Mass Transit Railway) system, efficient buses, and the iconic Star Ferry, offering a more scenic way to explore Victoria Harbour.

The Octopus card simplifies your commute, allowing you to mix various modes of transport.

It is also quite a small city making getting around on foot often a great option. Plus, taxis in Hong Kong are actually pretty cheap! 

In Tokyo, the extensive and punctual train network, including the famed JR Yamanote Line, makes exploring the city and its outskirts a breeze. The Shinkansen, or bullet train, whisks you to neighboring cities like Osaka or Kyoto with speed and comfort.

As someone who can get a little geographically challenged when it comes to hopping on foreign transport, I found Japan’s transport system impressively user-friendly.

? Winner: Hong Kong

Hong Kong vs Tokyo street atmosphere? Hong Kong in particular has very lively streets

Hong Kong Vs Tokyo Safety

Safety is paramount for any traveler, and both Hong Kong and Tokyo excel in providing secure environments.

Tokyo, renowned for its low crime rates and impeccable societal order, ensures a safe atmosphere for tourists. As a solo female traveler, I felt completely at ease wandering through Tokyo’s diverse neighborhoods.

Similarly, Hong Kong, with its efficient policing and low crime rates, offers a safe place for exploration. Well-lit streets and a generally organized city layout contribute to a secure environment.

It is however crucial to be aware of the unique safety considerations in Hong Kong due to the National Security Law enacted in June 2020. 

This law introduces strict measures related to secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces. It has implications for freedom of expression, potentially affecting public demonstrations and increasing surveillance.

The key problem is that the law could be interpreted broadly, and you could break the law without intending so it’s vital to exercise caution regarding discussions and activities relating to sensitive political issues.

Due to this, it’s a point for Tokyo! 

? Winner: Tokyo

Golden Gai in Tokyo is a must see in Shinjuku
Golden Gai, Tokyo

Hong Kong or Tokyo: Things To Do

When it comes to activities, Hong Kong and Tokyo will keep your travel itinerary jam-packed!

In Tokyo, there is a great blend of modern and traditional experiences – from the eccentric streets of Harajuku and the tranquility of Meiji Shrine to the electric energy of pop culture hub Akihabara.

Top 5 Must-Do’s in Tokyo

  1. Shibuya and Harajuku: Visit the iconic Shibuya Crossing and explore Harajuku’s eclectic fashion scene.
  2. Golden Gai and Shinjuku Nightlife: Explore the alleyway bars at Golden Gai and experience the lively nightlife in Kabukicho.
  3. Akihabara: Immerse yourself in the futuristic and otaku culture of Akihabara.
  4. Ueno: Discover Tokyo’s cultural side in Ueno, home to Ueno Park, museums, and cherry blossom-lined paths.
  5. Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea: Experience the magic of Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea.

In Hong Kong, take in the iconic skyline from Victoria Peak, explore the vibrant neighborhoods of Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, or dive into the diverse street food scene.

Top 5 Must-Do’s in Hong Kong

  1. Victoria Peak: Enjoy panoramic views of the city from Victoria Peak.
  2. Star Ferry: Take a scenic ride on the iconic Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour.
  3. Lan Kwai Fong: Experience Hong Kong’s nightlife in the lively Lan Kwai Fong district.
  4. Ngong Ping 360: Visit Lantau Island and take a cable car ride for stunning views.
  5. Street Food in Mong Kok: Try some yummy street food treats in Mong Kok.

Overall, in my opinion, Hong Kong offers a richer array of attractions for tourists compared to Tokyo.

Plus due to its smaller size than Tokyo, it’s much easier to get around to all the major attractions. Spend your time exploring stunning beaches, hiking trails, modern skyscrapers, and of course eating the food!

? Winner: Hong Kong

Hotel Matsunoi in Tokyo is a great mid-range hotel in the heart of the city
Hotel Matsunoi, Tokyo

Tokyo Vs Hong Kong Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

In Hong Kong, the skyline is dotted with luxurious hotels offering stunning views of the cityscape. Areas like Central and Tsim Sha Tsui boast high-end options, while budget travelers can find affordable guesthouses in areas like Mong Kok and Causeway Bay.

Tokyo’s accommodation scene is equally varied, with options ranging from traditional ryokans to modern high-rise hotels.

Shinjuku and Shibuya offer a mix of mid-range and luxury stays in a prime location, while budget travelers can explore capsule hotels and hostels for a unique wallet-friendly stay.

Where to stay in Hong Kong

✔️Budget Stay: The Mahjong ⭐ 8.7/10 (269 reviews)

✔️Mid-Range Stay: Butterfly on Wellington ⭐ 8.2/10 (1,084 reviews)

✔️ Luxury Stay: The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong ⭐ 9.2/10 (370 reviews)

Where to stay in Tokyo

✔️ Budget Stay: Unplan Shinjuku ⭐ 7.9/10 (2,254 reviews)

✔️ Mid-Range Stay:  Hotel Matsunoi (Where I stayed!) ⭐ 8.4/10 (615 reviews)

✔️Luxury Stay:  Park Hyatt Hotel ⭐ 9.2/10 (266 reviews)

For budget-conscious travelers, Tokyo provides a broader range of affordable options, especially in the form of capsule hotels, making it a winner for those seeking cost-effective yet comfortable stays.

? Winner: Tokyo

Nightlife in Tokyo is more diverse than Hong Kong
Shinjuku, Tokyo

Tokyo or Hong Kong Nightlife

Both Hong Kong and Tokyo come alive after dark, offering some pretty epic nightlife! 

In Tokyo, the nightlife is a dynamic mix, from the vibrant energy of Shinjuku’s bars and Golden Gai’s intimate watering holes to the futuristic neon lights of Akihabara.

Then there’s Roppongi which is home to upscale clubs with an international flair, ensuring a memorable night out.

Hong Kong’s nightlife hub is centered around Lan Kwai Fong, a bustling district filled with bars, clubs, and restaurants. The stunning Victoria Harbour becomes a gorgeous backdrop for rooftop bars, providing the perfect setting for a nightcap.

From traditional dimly lit speakeasies to modern rooftop establishments, Hong Kong’s nightlife scene has a little something for everyone.

I’ve also found Hong Kong to be more affordable when it comes to drinks and entry fees.

While Tokyo’s nightlife is perhaps a little more diverse, offering a range of experiences from traditional to avant-garde, Hong Kong’s compact, energetic, and more affordable scene, I have to give the prize to Hong Kong! 

? Winner: Hong Kong

Hong Kong street food markets are perfect for eating on a budget

Hong Kong vs Tokyo Cost of Living

When it comes to the cost of living, both Hong Kong and Tokyo fall on the higher end of the spectrum in Asia, but with some differences in their expense profiles.

Hong Kong is pretty renowned for its expensive lifestyle, particularly in terms of accommodation and dining. However, efficient public transport and an array of local eateries provide some budget-friendly options.

Tokyo, while still considered expensive, offers a more varied range of choices for affordable accommodation and street food. Navigating your preferences between luxury and frugality is key in both cities.

Now, let’s break down basic cost comparisons:

ExpenseHong Kong (USD)Tokyo (USD)
Meal at a Street Market$5 – $12$6 – $15
Mid-Range Restaurant Dinner for Two$70 – $150$60 – $150
Public Transport (Monthly Pass)$40 – $100$60 – $100
One-Night Accommodation (Mid-Range Hotel)$120 – $250$70 – $150
Coffee from a Café$4 – $6$3 – $5
Cost of Beer in a Bar$7 – $12$5 – $8

These figures just provide a glimpse into the day-to-day costs in each city, some figures vary depending on where you go in the cities!

? Winner: Tokyo

Hong Kong and Tokyo Pros and Cons Summary 

Below are my key pros and cons of Hong Kong and Tokoyo, as you can see they are pretty similar!

Hong Kong Pros and ConsTokyo Pros and Cons
1. Spectacular Skyline1. Cultural Richness
2. Efficient Public Transport2. Efficient Transport
3. Flavour Packed Food3. Delicious Comfort Food 
4. Global Financial Hub4. Very Safe
5. Lively Nightlife5. Abundance of Activities in and out Of Tokyo
6. Easy access to nature6. People keep to themselves
1. Very High Cost of Living1. High Cost of Living
2. Compact Living Spaces2. Crowded Streets and Transport
3. Hot and Humid Climate3. Cash is still popular
4. Crowded Streets4. Lack of Fruit and Veggies
5. Volatile Political Landscape5. Limited Natural Scenery in the City Centre

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FAQ’s: Hong Kong vs Tokyo

Moving onto some commonly asked questions about visiting Hong Kong vs Tokyo.

1. Where is better, Hong Kong or Tokyo?

The choice between Hong Kong and Tokyo ultimately depends on your personal preferences and travel priorities. 

Hong Kong offers a stunning skyline, efficient public transport, and a vibrant nightlife scene. 

Tokyo, on the other hand, seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, providing a rich cultural experience, a diverse food scene, and plenty of memorable activities. Consider factors such as your preferred atmosphere, cultural interests, and the type of experiences you’re after when deciding between the two.

2. Is Hong Kong and Japan different?

Yes, Hong Kong and Japan are different entities.

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, known for its unique blend of Chinese and British influences. It has a distinct political and economic system from mainland China. 

Japan, on the other hand, is a sovereign island nation with its own rich history, culture, and political structure. 

While both Hong Kong and Japan share certain East Asian cultural influences, they are separate and distinct regions both worth exploring. 

3. Is Hong Kong richer than Japan?

Yes, as of the latest available data, Hong Kong has a higher GDP per capita than Japan. 

According to the World Bank, Hong Kong’s GDP per capita is reported at 4,983.6 USD, while Japan’s GDP per capita is recorded at 33,823.6 USD.

It’s important to note that GDP per capita is a measure of the average economic output per person and can be influenced by various factors. 

The Wrap-Up: Hong Kong Vs Tokyo (My Opinion)

And there you have it the ultimate showdown of Hong Kong vs Tokyo

Hong Kong brings the skyline drama, efficient buzz, and a fusion of East-meets-West. It’s a non-stop city where every street offers something to discover. If you’re into dynamic vibes and breathtaking views, Hong Kong is a great choice. 

But Tokyo steps up with an entirely different cultural experience – tradition meets innovation in a sensory explosion. From lively markets to ancient shrines, Tokyo has loads to discover. And the food? A culinary journey that’s a knockout.

In my eyes, Tokyo takes the crown. Why? It’s not just a city; it’s an experience. The food, the mix of old and new, and the easy train hops to nearby gems like Kyoto – it’s a winner.

Yet, if you crave something a little spicier with a taste of diversity and a smooth entry into Asia, Hong Kong stands strong. It’s a vibrant pitstop, a fusion of worlds, and a teaser for the adventures ahead.

So, the choice is yours. Hong Kong’s electric streets or Tokyo’s multi-dimensional allure? 

Cheers to the adventure ahead!

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