Should I Travel By Myself? 19 Reasons Why You Should + Myth Busting


Ready to dive into the exhilarating world of solo travel? Buckle up, because in this blog we’re gonna answer the age-old question: “Should I travel by myself?” And let me tell you, we’ve got not one, not two, but a whopping 19 reasons why you should totally go for it!

Picture this: wandering through breathtaking landscapes, meeting fascinating people, and dancing to the beat of your own drum – all on your own terms.

It’s like embracing the ultimate freedom ride! But hey, we won’t stop there – we’re also gonna tackle those pesky myths that might be giving you second thoughts.

So, if you’re ready to unleash your inner explorer and soak up life-changing experiences, this blog is your ticket to adventure! From solo strolls on sandy shores to soul-searching moments in bustling cities, we’re gonna spill the beans on why solo travel is pure magic.

Get ready for a wild ride filled with laughter, self-discovery, and spontaneous escapades.

Let’s bust those doubts, embrace the unknown, and embark on a journey that’ll leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. So grab that backpack, let wanderlust be your guide, and let’s hit the road together!

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Should I Travel By Myself? 15 Reasons Why You Should

Still on the fence about whether you should travel alone?

Let’s go through the main reasons why it is an AMAZING experience!

These are my top reasons why I believe solo travel is right for you!

should i travel by myself? These are 15 reasos why you should. The first one being complete freedom!
Lake Bumbunga (taken with a tripod)

1. Bucket List Bliss

Plan your ideal travel itinerary when solo travelling.

No comprising with your travel partner it’s completely your trip!

Talk about freedom.

Choose where you go, when you go, and what you do on your trip. 

2. Expand Your Comfort Zone

Travel pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone and to adapt and react to new and unplanned experiences. 

Doing the same thing week after week, such as going to work, exercising and spending time with friends on the weekend is comfortable. 

Step outside your routine, get the adrenaline pumping and push your boundaries. In the long run, this can boost your mental health and allow you to cope better with life’s challenges. 

3. Make New Friends

Travelling solo is a fantastic way to make lifelong friends. 

As an introvert, travel pushes me to put myself out there to make new connections. Gain more confidence in networking, introducing yourself and holding conversations with complete strangers. These communication skills are very translatable to your career. 

Don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation and introduce yourself! People are generally very friendly and willing to help with local recommendations.


4. Travel More Often! 

When you travel solo you can jump on cheap travel deals and fit your travels into your schedule. 

This means you can make the most of your annual leave by travelling far and wide without waiting around for others to join your adventures!!

5. But Is It Safe To Travel Alone As A Woman? 

Travelling alone as a woman is safer than you think… if you are prepared and do your research!

There are risks with everything we do, solo travel included, that being said, playing it safe is likely not going to lead you to live your most fulfilled life.

That’s where I come in, to help educate and prepare you for travelling alone as a woman!

6. Self-Discovery

Traveling solo allows you to get to know yourself better, finding strengths you never knew you had.

As you break free from the safety net of familiarity, you’ll learn to trust your instincts and make decisions with conviction. Each experience becomes a mirror reflecting your true self – your passions, fears, and dreams, laid bare before you.

should I travel by myslef? Solo travel creates allows you to embrace impromptu decisions

7. Spontaneous Shenanigans

Embrace impromptu decisions, like that last-minute detour to a hidden gem.

When you’re traveling alone, you have the ultimate freedom to make decisions in the moment without having to coordinate with anyone else.

8. No Drama, Less Stress

No disagreements about where to eat or what to do – just smooth sailing.

When you’re traveling alone, there’s no need to navigate the labyrinth of conflicting opinions or deal with clashing preferences. Your travel decisions are yours and yours alone, leading to a serene and drama-free adventure.

Imagine waking up to a new day, knowing that the only agenda is the one you create for yourself.

9. Personal Growth

Facing challenges solo builds confidence and resilience, leaving you stronger and wiser.

In the face of uncertainty, you’ll summon the courage to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. Conversations with strangers, navigating uncharted territories, and immersing in foreign cultures will show you the power of adaptability and open-mindedness.

10. Go At Your Own Pace

Speed through or take it slow, it’s all up to you. Savor moments without feeling rushed.

You have the freedom to set the pace, linger longer at places that captivate you, and embark on spontaneous escapades that spark your curiosity.

11. Mindfulness & Reflection

Solo journeys create space for self-reflection and mindfulness.

Amidst all the wanderlust craziness, solo journeys give you that precious “me time” to reflect and zen out.

It’s the moments when you let go of the daily hustle, breathe in the magic of the world, and remember that life is one big adventure waiting to unfold – and you’re the intrepid protagonist

psychological benefits of traveling alone

12. Empowerment

Navigating foreign lands solo empowers you to conquer the unknown like a true trailblazer.

Solo travel is empowering because it places you firmly in the driver’s seat of your own adventure. It’s like stepping into a world of limitless possibilities, where you become the captain of your ship, charting a course toward self-discovery and growth.

When you travel alone, every decision is yours to make – from the destinations you explore to the activities you indulge in. You become the master of your own destiny, navigating through unfamiliar territories with the confidence of a seasoned explorer.

13. Adventures Unfolding

Embrace unexpected adventures on your own!

With each step into the unknown, the world becomes your playground of exploration. Whether you’re wandering through bustling markets, hiking through rugged landscapes, or savoring the flavors of exotic cuisines, you’re in for an expedition of a lifetime.

As a solo adventurer, you’re free to chase spontaneity wherever it leads you. Chance encounters with fascinating locals, unexpected festivals, and hidden gems off the beaten path are all part of the thrill of the journey.

14. Enhanced Self-Reliance

So, picture this: you’re out there, solo, exploring the world on your own terms.

You’ll quickly notice that enhanced self-reliance becomes your sidekick. It’s like a crash course in being resourceful and adaptable.

Can’t find your way? No worries, you’ll figure it out. Missed your train? You’ll laugh about it (probably later not now) and find another way to your destination.

It’s amazing how quickly you become your very own MacGyver of travel, turning little hiccups into exciting plot twists in your adventure. Plus, the satisfaction of solving problems all on your own? Priceless!

The first step is often the hardest – boarding that plane alone, navigating foreign airports, and arriving in a new land where everything is unfamiliar.

Yet, with each hurdle you overcome, you discover an inner strength that propels you forward.

And trust me, if I can do it, so can you!!

Travelling alone in Vanuatu was a memorable experience I'll cherish forever

15. Learning & Understanding

Immerse yourself in local cultures and gain profound insights into the world.

As you interact with locals and fellow travelers, you gain insights into their daily lives, their customs, and their values. You’ll learn that kindness is a universal language and that laughter knows no boundaries.

16. Budget Freedom

Stick to your budget without feeling pressure to splurge on someone else’s desires.

Whether you’re a savvy budget traveler or a connoisseur of luxury experiences, you get to decide where to splurge and where to save.

17. Memories of a Lifetime

Each moment is yours to cherish, making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

The memories you create while traveling solo are not just snapshots in time; they become threads that shape the fabric of who you are.

They become the stories you share with friends and family, the anecdotes that make you smile on a rainy day, and the inspiration for future adventures.

18. Newfound Independence

Solo travel helps you become more self-reliant and confident in navigating life’s adventures, both on and off the road. From navigating foreign transit systems to problem-solving in unexpected situations, you’ll discover a newfound sense of independence that spills over into all aspects of your life.

Travelling alone to Kangaroo Island was a safe and enjoyable trip

19. Unrestricted Itinerary

No need to compromise on your dream destinations or activities. When traveling alone, you have the flexibility to create a tailored itinerary that aligns perfectly with your passions and interests. Whether it’s chasing waterfalls, exploring ancient ruins, or simply lounging on a tranquil beach, you’re the master of your travel destiny.

So, adventurer, don’t wait for the perfect travel companion – seize the moment and embrace the magic of solo travel! Your journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and unforgettable moments awaits. Let wanderlust guide your footsteps to uncharted lands, where the world becomes your playground and your heart dances with the joy of freedom. Bon voyage, solo traveler! ✈️


Travelling Alone Myths Busted!

To put your mind at ease about travelling alone I’m going to debunk the top myths I hear about solo travel and why they shouldn’t hold you back! Yes, there is a risk, but no it shouldn’t stop you from travelling solo!

These are the top myths busted of travelling alone!
Solo Road Trip Kangaroo Island (shot with a drone)

Myth 1: I Will Be Putting Myself In Danger

Is it safe to travel alone as a woman in this big, bad, scary world?!

Movies like Wolf Creek and Taken do a great job at making you think the world outside you is not full of danger and people wanting to harm you, when in reality the odds of this happening are slim and sadly it can happen anywhere in the world, including your home. 

As women, we find comfort and safety in things, places and people we know. The unknown makes us feel more vulnerable. But the truth is that in most places, if you travel intelligently, and responsibly and use your best judgement you will likely have the time of your life and return home safe and sound! 

Anything can happen in your life, no matter where you are. Don’t spend your precious time afraid and boxed into your safety borders. Get out there, follow your dreams and live your best life! Just pack a little common sense in your carry-on! 🙂 

Myth 2: I Can’t Talk To Strangers

The next myth I hear about solo travel is that you should not talk to strangers. This is ingrained into us when we are young, but now as solo travellers this advice is not practical. 

When travelling alone you need to know when it’s time to throw in the towel and ask someone for help. Whether it be asking a couple on the streets for directions or a bartender to help you call a cab, talking to strangers is more often or not safe. Sometimes not asking for help can put you in more danger. 

Plus, when you make it effort to talk with locals and fellow travellers, you open yourself up to new experiences, perspectives and opportunities. 

Use your instincts, trust your gut and walk away if you feel uncomfortable. It’s ok to be rude when you are concerned about your safety! 

is it safe to travel alone as a woman in turkey
Hostel in Switzerland

Myth 3: It’s Not Safe To Sleep In A Hostel

If you think “staying in a hostel is not safe for me and my belongings”, think again! 

Yes if you leave your bag wide open on your bed with cash pouring out of the pockets you are at risk of theft. And yes if you choose to safe a few extra dollars to stay in a 14-bed mixed dorm, you put yourself at more risk than if you opted for a smaller female-only dorm. 

I’m here to tell you staying in a hostel is safe. Below is how I keep myself safe and worry-free when staying in a hostel. 

  • Stay in female-only dorms
  • Opt for smaller dorm rooms, for example, 4-bed dorms over 10-bed dorms
  • Ensure the bed has a curtain for privacy
  • Lock up your belongings
  • Read the reviews of the hostel before you book
  • Speak up if you feel uncomfortable. It’s ok to ask to change rooms!

travelling alone as a woman

Myth 4: Commuting Solo Puts Me At Risk 

Travelling alone on a plane, in an Uber, taxi, moped, train, bus, tuk tuk, whatever it may be is safe for women travelling alone if you….

  • Research reputable transportation services 
  • Research standard rates and fairs
  • Avoid travelling late at night where possible
  • Be aware of scams such as the “Your hotel is fully booked” scam
  • Trust your instincts 

When taking public transport, keep to yourself and avoid drawing attention to yourself. If you are riding solo in a taxi or rideshare, ensure the driver is registered, check the license plate, and confirm the fee before you depart. 

Myth 5: I Can Only Travel Alone As A Woman To First-World Countries

Does anyone actually follow this? There is so much culture, nature and adventure just waiting to be explored! The beauty of travel is stepping out of your world and into another.

First-world countries are great when you are starting to travel alone as a woman and want to keep a sense of familiarity. But don’t limit yourself to countries that you perceive as being safer.

Countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Nambia are safe for women to travel alone and should not be disregarded due to being less built up or advanced. 

There are always going to be places that are safer to travel alone than others. But, this is not stagnant, a country that was considered very safe one year may not be the safest place the following year. I recommend you check out Smart Traveller for up-to-date travel information and to check if a destination is safe or not to travel. 

Myth 6: I Will Be Lonely

The next myth is less about safety but I thought I’d cover it as I hear time and time again that the reason for not solo travelling is because due to worrying about being lonely. 

To be honest, I think this is just an excuse! These days there are so many ways to meet new people and connect with other solo travellers. 

My favourite ways to meet other solo female travellers is via Facebook groups, meetups and hostel activities. 

Plus, home is only a phone call away if you feel homesick. 

cheap places to travel solo female

Myth 7: I Don’t Have Enough Money

This next one can actually be true but I wanted to touch on the thought that you need to have loads of savings and a big paycheck to travel solo. 

Although travelling solo is often more expensive than travelling with another person, as you can’t split accommodation, transportation, etc, solo travel can be tailored to your budget. 

Places such as South East Asia and Africa can be incredibly affordable. Daily travel costs can be as low as $50 per day! That being said it’s always better to budget more money so you have a safety net. If you think solo travel is still out of reach, that doesn’t mean it’s off the cards, it just means you need to save, save, save!

I save and budget for a trip by doing the following:

  1. Record monthly expenses in an excel spreadsheet
  2. Assess which expenses can be reduced i.e. eating out, buying coffee, subscription services etc. 
  3. Set monthly spending and saving target
  4. Set up a savings account that you auto-transfer to every month
  5. Find easy ways to earn some extra cash 

Myth 8: I Need To Be Single

I often get asked why I travel solo when I have a boyfriend. And I can sense that people think that because I travel solo my relationship is on the rocks. This is absolutely not the case!

There are so many reasons why women in a relationship should and do travel solo. 

For example, my boyfriend is a full-time student with limited time and funds to travel as much as I do. But I can’t let that hold me back! He is supportive, as he should be, and if anything it makes our relationship stronger as we can take time apart to work on ourselves and do things we are truly passionate about as individuals. 

Whether you are single, in a relationship, situationship, married or anything in between, solo travel is an incredibly fulfilling experience.

The only real difference between being in a relationship and being solo is that you have to make more of an effort to check in with your partner and consider how long and often you travel and the subsequent effect on the relationship. 


Dangers of travelling alone as a woman

Myth 9: Travelling With Someone Is Better Than Travelling Alone

For your bank account, perhaps, for taking photos, debatable, for the memories you create, possibly. 

Travelling solo vs with someone both have their pros and cons. But I can tell you know they are both equally as enjoyable and fulfilling. 

When travelling with a loved one, you get to share moments, create everlasting memories, and can build your relationship. But travelling solo allows you to truly explore, step outside your comfort zone, meet others from around the world and cherish moments independently and peacefully. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and probably who you travel with…

Myth 10:  I Can’t Do Tt!

Yes, you can! If I can do it so can you!

It’s daunting at first but by the end of it you will feel more alive and invigorated than ever before. I guarantee you will already be planning your next trip before your first one even ends! 

With some research, careful planning, budgeting and some common sense you can have a safe trip of a lifetime. 

traveling alone as a woman in europe

Checklist For Staying Safe When Travelling Alone

That was a lot of information I hope my breakdown of the dangers of travelling alone hasn’t left you too overwhelmed! 

The more you know the more you can prepare and prevent. 

These are the actionable steps every solo traveller should take before taking off on a trip of a lifetime!

  • Purchase travel insurance as soon as your book! As soon as you purchase travel insurance you will be covered for any cancellations or travel changes out of your control.
  • Do thorough research on your destination to identify the safest areas to stay, places to avoid, laws to abide by, cultural customs, and what time of year is best to travel to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to stay safe.
  • Share your itinerary with loved ones. Send a copy to your parents, partner or best friend so they can follow along your journey and check in with you! 
  • Register your travel dates with your bank. Using your debit/credit card overseas will alert the bank of unusual activity and may result in your card being cancelled. Let your bank know so they can protect your finances. 
  • Ensure you have sufficient payment methods. Some places only accept cash so ensure you have a mix of cash and card. 
  • Visit a travel doctor to discuss vaccinations and medications. 
  • Buy a sim card or eSim.
  • Share your phone’s location with a loved one. 

Australia makes the list of the top destination that are safe to travel alone

FAQ’s: Should I Travel By Myself?

Moving onto some of the most commonly asked questions about: is it safe to travel alone!

Is It Worth It To Solo Travel?

Solo travel can be an incredibly rewarding and life-changing experience for many people. It offers unique opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery, and unforgettable adventures. One of the greatest advantages of solo travel is the freedom and flexibility it provides.

When you travel alone, you have complete control over your itinerary, allowing you to plan your trip around your interests and preferences.

You can explore at your own pace and change your plans on the fly without needing to compromise with others. The challenges and experiences encountered during solo travel can also lead to increased self-confidence and personal growth, as you learn to navigate unfamiliar places and situations on your own.

Another aspect that makes solo travel worthwhile is the opportunity to meet new people and form meaningful connections. Traveling alone encourages you to chat with locals and fellow travelers, leading to genuine interactions and friendships with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

These connections can be some of the most memorable and valuable aspects of solo travel.

Embracing spontaneity is yet another benefit of traveling alone. Without the need to consult others, you can be more open to unexpected opportunities and experiences. Saying “yes” to new adventures and stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to unforgettable moments and a sense of empowerment.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that solo travel is not for everyone, and it comes with its challenges. Safety is a primary concern, and it’s essential to research and plan your destination carefully.

Being comfortable with spending time alone and being open to new experiences are also important factors to consider before embarking on a solo trip.

Is It Better To Travel Alone Or With Someone?

The choice between traveling alone or with someone ultimately depends on personal preferences, travel goals, and individual circumstances.

Both options offer unique experiences and have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which style of travel might be better for you.

Traveling Alone

  • Freedom and Flexibility: Traveling solo provides complete freedom and flexibility in planning your itinerary. You can go where you want, when you want, without needing to compromise with others.
  • Self-Discovery: Solo travel offers an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. Spending time alone in new environments can increase self-confidence and a deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Meeting New People: Traveling alone often encourages more interactions with locals and fellow travelers, making forming meaningful connections and friendships easier.
  • Spontaneity: Without having to ask others, you can embrace spontaneity and say “yes” to unexpected opportunities and experiences.

Traveling with Someone

  • Shared Experiences: Traveling with a companion allows you to share experiences and create memories together, fostering a deeper bond.
  • Safety and Support: Having a travel buddy can provide an added sense of safety and support, especially in unfamiliar or challenging situations.
  • Cost Sharing: Traveling with someone can lead to cost savings, as you can split expenses such as accommodation and transportation.
  • Shared Responsibilities: Having a companion can help in sharing responsibilities like navigation and planning, reducing the burden on one person.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your personality, travel preferences, and the specific trip you have in mind. Some people may prefer the independence and self-discovery that comes with solo travel, while others may enjoy the camaraderie and shared experiences of traveling with a partner, family member, or friend.

It’s also worth noting that the preference for solo or group travel can vary from one trip to another. For certain destinations and activities, traveling with someone might be more practical or enjoyable, while other trips may be better suited for solo exploration.

Is It Lonely To Travel Solo?

While solo travel can sometimes feel solitary, it doesn’t have to be lonely. It’s true that embarking on a solo adventure means you won’t have a constant companion by your side, but it opens up opportunities for meaningful connections and moments of self-discovery.

Solo travel offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in the present moment and fully engage with your surroundings. You become more approachable to locals and fellow travelers, making it easier to strike up conversations and form connections.

Along the journey, you’ll likely encounter like-minded souls exploring the world on their own. Shared experiences and common interests create bonds and long-lasting friendships. From spontaneous travel buddies to heartfelt conversations with strangers-turned-friends, the sense of camaraderie can be incredibly rewarding.

Embracing solitude can also be a gift. It allows you to tune into your thoughts, feelings, and desires, leading to deep self-reflection and personal growth. You’ll learn to appreciate the beauty of moments spent in your own company and savor the freedom to follow your heart’s desires without compromise.

Of course, there may be moments when you feel homesick or miss having someone to share experiences with. However, many solo travelers find that these fleeting moments of loneliness are balanced by the sense of empowerment and independence that comes with solo adventures.

Ultimately, solo travel is what you make of it. Whether you seek connections with fellow wanderers or cherish moments of self-discovery, the journey is yours to shape. It’s about finding a beautiful harmony between experiencing the world with an open heart and embracing the solitude that brings you closer to yourself.

How Can A Woman Travel Alone Safely?

First things first, let’s talk about doing your homework before takeoff. Research your destination like a pro! Get to know the local customs, culture, and potential safety concerns. It’s like having a secret travel weapon up your sleeve!

Now, when it comes to dressing up for your adventures, think stylish yet respectful. Dress modestly and blend in with the locals. That way, you’ll not only look fantastic, but you’ll also dodge any unwanted attention.

Finding the perfect place to crash is crucial. Choose safe and reputable accommodations. Check out those well-reviewed hotels or hostels, ideally located in central and bustling areas.

Let’s not forget about our trusted sidekicks – friends and family. Share your epic itinerary with them so they can follow along on your globetrotting escapades. Stay in touch with them on a daily, so they know you’re living your best life out there!

Now, for those wild nights out, cheers responsibly! If you’re having a drink, keep an eye on your glass, so no one messes with your good vibes.

Trust your instincts! If something feels off or funky, trust that gut of yours and move away from the situation.

Oh, and don’t forget your tech sidekick – your phone! Keep it charged and carry a portable charger, just in case you need to summon Google or your emergency contact for help.

Speaking of emergency contacts, familiarize yourself with local police, medical services, and embassy or consulate contacts. They’ve got your back!

Armed with these safety tips and a sprinkle of confidence, you’re all set for an unforgettable solo adventure. Embrace the unknown, and let your wanderlust take the wheel!

At What Age Should You Travel Alone?

The age for flying solo in the realm of travel isn’t set in stone, but let me drop some wisdom your way.

Generally speaking, waiting until you are 18 to 21 before you venture out on your own is a good idea. At that age, you have a lot more

But again, it’s all about being wise beyond your years and showing off your inner mature traveler. If you’ve had a taste of the road before, navigating airports and public transit will be a piece of cake.

But, hey, if you’re new to this game, that’s cool too! Everyone starts somewhere. Just make sure you’ve got a solid support crew back home – those trusty pals who’ll have your back, no matter what.

Keep your eyes on the prize and consider your destination carefully. Some places are tailor-made for solo adventurers like you, while others might require a bit more experience under your belt.

I recommend you choose destinations that match your comfort level and are closer to open in terms of distance and cultural similarities. That way you can explore solo travel with lower difficulties and risk.

I took my first solo trip at 23 and it was in my home country of Australia. It was the perfect way to ease myself into solo adventuring.

So, when’s the perfect age to break free? Well, that’s for you to decide. But whether you’re a young jet setter or a seasoned nomad, one thing’s for sure – the world is waiting, and it’s gonna be one heck of an adventure! Go grab it by the horns and show ’em what you’ve got! Bon voyage!

Is It Safe To Travel Alone At Night?

Ah, the thrill of the night traveler! Traveling alone at night can be a fun experience, but it’s essential to approach it with caution and make informed decisions. Let’s shed some light on this topic, shall we?

Safety should always be your top priority. While solo nighttime adventures can be exciting, they come with more risks that you need to be aware of.

Tips for traveling alone at night

Here are some tips to consider if you plan to explore the world after the sun sets:

  • Research Your Destination: Get to know the area you’ll be visiting. Some places are known for their vibrant and safe nightlife, while others might have higher crime rates during nighttime. Knowing the lay of the land can help you make smarter choices.
  • Stay in Well-Lit Areas: Stick to well-lit and populated places whenever possible. Avoid dimly lit or isolated areas that may pose a higher risk.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right or makes you uncomfortable, remove yourself from the situation immediately.
  • Avoid Getting Super Drunk: It’s okay to enjoy a drink or two, but don’t overdo it. Being intoxicated can impair your judgment and make you vulnerable.
  • Keep Valuables Secure: Be mindful of your belongings, especially in crowded places. Use a crossbody bag or a money belt to keep your essentials close to you.
  • Inform Someone: Let a friend or family member know your plans, including where you’re going and when you expect to return. Check-in with them daily, especially if your plans change.
  • Use Licensed Transport: If you need to travel between places at night, opt for reputable and licensed transport such as taxis or ride-share services rather than hitchhiking or using unregulated taxis.
  • Book Accommodations Wisely: Choose accommodations in safe neighborhoods and close to public transportation, so you don’t have to wander through unfamiliar areas late at night.
  • Stay Connected: Have a working phone with a charged battery and, if possible, get a local SIM card or international roaming to stay connected in case of emergencies.

Happy nocturnal exploring!

Should I travel by myself? Absolutely yes! It is one of the most rewarding and empowering experiences

The Wrap-Up: Should I Travel By Myself?

In conclusion, the big question lingers: should I travel by myself or invite a sidekick along for the ride?

Well, my fellow wanderer, the answer is as unique as you are!

Solo travel is all about embracing the ultimate freedom ride! You’re the master of your own destiny, charting paths and veering off the beaten track at your whimsy.

Those spontaneous detours? Yep, they’re all yours to take! Embrace your inner explorer and savor the serendipity of meeting incredible locals and fellow nomads on the road.

The self-discovery? Oh, it’s real, and it’s thrilling! Dive deep into your thoughts as you bask in breathtaking landscapes, and watch as your confidence soars to new heights. You’ll return home with a suitcase full of memories and a heart filled with wanderlust, ready to tackle the world.

But, there’s also something magical about sharing the journey with a fellow adventurer! Traveling with someone is like having a real-life partner-in-crime, creating memories that’ll make you giggle and reminisce for years to come.

In the end, the choice is yours to make. Just don’t wait around for someone to travel with you, go and embark on the adventure you’ve been dreaming of on your own. I 100% believe that if I can travel alone so can you! The hardest part is pressing the button and booking your return flights!

So go for it! Follow your wanderlust dreams!

Happy travels!

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