15 Seriously Cools Jobs Where Travel is Required

Find your ideal corporate job where travel is required with this extensive list! Travel the globe, earn and stable paycheck and achieve your ultimate career goals with these 15 jobs where travel is required.

Enjoy the perks of paid travel and the freedom to extend work trips to explore and create your own adventures. 

Working eight hours, 5 days a week, behind a computer screen isn’t for everyone.

Why not turn your love and passion to travel into a successful career? It’s the best of both worlds!

If you’re constantly booking plane tickets and planning weekend getaways, consider finding a career that fits your lifestyle. Instead of spending all your annual leave and hard-earned money travelling once or twice a year, secure a career with travel requirements and get paid while seeing the world. 

15 Jobs Where Travel Is Required

jobs where travel is required
Jobs where travel is required

This article is for professionals who are looking for travel-friendly career options. Here are 15 potential career paths to consider.

1. Sales

travelling jobs for females
travelling jobs for females

What is one of if not the highest paying jobs for travelling? Without a doubt sales roles are jobs that require travel and pay well! 

A career in sales is one of the most lucrative jobs where travel is required. Depending on the industry you work in sales roles often involve loads of travel to meet with clients, close deals, present proposals and attend events. 

A huge benefit of sales is that you can work your way up quickly, starting from limited experience. A business or associated degree will certainly give you a headstart but finding a job with no bachelor’s is certainly possible. 

Some industries that are definitely worth considering if you’re interested in frequent travel and a generous paycheck are Technology, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, and of course the Travel Industry itself! 

To show you the money, software sales often bring in the largest paycheck of $80K to $130K (AUD) plus! 

2. Web designer or developer

Web design and development is the perfect combination of creativity and technical expertise. 

A career in web design or development usually requires a degree, particularly if you are interested in working for a larger organisation or digital agency.

That being said, there are a range of small businesses or startups that would be willing to hire someone without a degree but with an impressive portfolio. 

Every aspiring web designer or developer should create a portfolio website to showcase their skills and other clients they have worked with. Reach out to friends or family and offer your services for a discounted price, or even free to start creating your digital footprint. 

If you want to do some self-paced training to kickstart your career the following online courses are in-depth, easy to follow and very reasonably priced. 

3. Manager

Managers for global organisations travel to international offices to meet with directors, team members and clients. 

The higher the corporate ladder you climb the more the business will value your expertise on the ground. Jet to London to discuss global strategy, travel to Bali to meet with offshore support or spend a few months leading a project in Canada. 

Management is not a career path you can jump into straight away, you will need to prove your work, go for promotions and build your expertise. 

My top must-haves for working on the road

4. Retail Buyer

jobs that require travel and pay well
jobs that require travel and pay well

Wanderlusts with a fabulous sense of style and passion for fashion, listen up! 

A career as a retail buyer might be your ultimate dream job. On a day-to-day basis you can expect to be monitoring in-store inventory, and attending vendor meetings, trade shows, conferences and events. And here is the best part, retail buyers frequently travel as suppliers are likely located across the globe! If you’re thinking big, retail buying can take you to fashion capitals such as Milan, New York and Paris! 

Keep with industry trends and network with suppliers to ensure the best stock is sold in-store. 

If clothing isn’t quite your forte but the role still sounds interesting, there are plenty of opportunities across various categories. Large retail companies employ specialist buyers to select and negotiate merchandise such as homewares, entertainment, childrenswear and more. 

5. Event Planner

jobs that require international travel

Planning and running events can take you to many destinations. And exotic destinations too! Speaking from experience the events manager in my organisation is jet-setting for months of the year to Singapore and beyond. 

Plan, manage and market corporate or personal events. Enter the industry with a diploma or a degree in Event Management or Event Marketing.

To grow your career in events, networking is key to accelerating your success and client base. After running an event, ask the client for a testimonial that you can share with prospective clients. 

6. Consultant

If you are interested in climbing the corporate ladder, working with large organisations, and travelling in style to meet with clients, consulting is for you! 

A career in consulting can take you to major cities around the world to negotiate contracts, sign new clients, work on projects, and network at events. 

Working for a large consulting firm, or Big 4 accounting firm, can open doors to relocating to an office abroad for a period of time. Spend a year in London, New York or Singapore to experience new cultures. Spend your weekends and any days off exploring your new home. This is also a great way to enhance your resume, form global networks and progress your career.

One thing to note, working as a consultant, particularly for a Big 4 firm, is that the work can be very demanding and working overtime is very common. Successful consultants that have a high tenure are passionate about the work they do but also have strict boundaries and organisational skills to ensure work life balance.

7. Project Manager

A project manager is one of those jobs where travel is required, particularly at critical points during a project. 

Once again not all Project Managers have equal travel requirements. 

Construction Project Managers will travel more than say, Digital Transformation Project Managers. 

Project management is so much about facilitating problem-solving, removing blockers and enabling your team. Online communication will never fully replace the need to be amongst the team working directly with them. Travel is here to stay! 

Project management does however have a reputation as a stressful job. Being responsible for ensuring projects are delivered to timelines, budgets and other requirements can take a toll. As well as managing crises and roadblocks, which tend to happen with most projects. 

You will need to perform in high-pressure situations. Effective planning, teamwork, and organisation skills are a must. 

8. Information Technology

jobs where travel is required
jobs where travel is required

Technology touches every major industry and skilled employees are in high demand. 

There are tech jobs where travel is required such as business analysts, customer training specialists and global tech support resources. 

When people think of careers in tech they often think of coders and software developers. Tech is a much broader industry and often the less technical roles require more travel. For example, a Business Analyst is a bridge between the customer and the technological solution.

They will travel to meet with customers to identify requirements, present wireframes and conduct user testing. 

You will need a degree in information technology, information systems or software engineering to get an entry-level job. 

9. Journalist

Write your way around the world. Find work as a journalist, tv presenter, copywriter, or content creator.

Combine your love of travel with journalism as a travel journalist for a magazine or website. Work may include reporting on an assigned destination, pitching story ideas, attending events, writing or presenting stories and interviewing professionals who work in the travel industry.

The top qualities travel journalists possess are curiosity, resilience, emotional intelligence and of course, you need to be adventurous.

A benefit of creating content on the road is that travel provides you with new perspectives and sparks your creativity. Learn other insane benefits of travelling the world to further convince you of pursuing a career in travel. 

10. Public Relations

The next career path to explore is Public Relations. A Public Relations Manager works with journalists and media organisations to control the narrative of a business.

PR teams keep the press informed about a brand, services, and products which creates outstanding exposure opportunities, PR can help raise your company’s authority, build relationships with key audiences, and ultimately take a business to the next level.

Balance excellent writing skills with communication and networking skills to pitch media companies compelling stories. You need to have the gift of the gab to convince journalists to pick up your story.

When there is a brand crisis, you are the first to step in to craft a response to the general public and communications to customers.

11. Photographer or Videographer

Photography and film are certainly one of the most creative corporate jobs where travel is required.

See the world through the lens of your camera and travel to the most breathtaking places on earth. Shoot for clients from a range of industries, or if you’re lucky, secure a role in the travel industry.

A great benefit of getting started in photography is you can start practising straight away and for a limited cost. Purchase an entry-level camera or even get started with your phone. Practice different angles, lighting, compositions, and edits.

Check out online travel photography courses or head to your local bookstore and pick up a guide.

Once again a portfolio is essential. Collate all of your best photos and videos and add them to a personal website and your resume.

12. Marketing

fun travel jobs that pay well

Next on the list of corporate jobs where travel is required, is Marketing. Marketing is the corporate career path I took. If you’re interested in a career in Marketing, listen closer. 

Pursuing a career in marketing has a number of pathways you can choose. Work for an agency and manage a portfolio of clients (this usually involves the most travel), work for a B2C (business to consumer) organisation, B2B (business to business) organisation, or a non for profit. B2B tends to be more lucrative and often has a greater work-life balance. 

Specialise or become a more generalist marketer. For example, copywriters and content creators, specialties often involve travel to a range of destinations. 

The further you climb the corporate ladder, the more travel you can expect. Marketing Managers in my team are often jet-setting to Vegas, Toronto, London, Bali, and around Australia. 

If you would like me to go into more detail about a career in Marketing, let me know in the comments! 

13. Engineer

Next, we have engineering. Engineering is a fulfilling career path to pursue if you are interested in jobs where travel is required. 

Some engineering specialties require more travel than others. For example, working on the construction side of civil engineering will often require more travel, since work occurs on the project site. The project planning and development side is typically done in the office, requiring less travel.

Engineers are in high demand, and as such, you can negotiate a higher salary and more flexible work arrangements. If travel isn’t required on the job, convince your boss to approve working remotely from anywhere in the world. 

14. Auditor

Switching gears to finance, auditors, are frequent flyers. An auditor will spend significant time in their clients’ offices, banks and financial institutions.

Life as an auditor is often spent on the road attending frequent client meetings, travelling to company sites all over the country or world. And because some auditing work can be done autonomously, you can also work remotely.

Auditing gives you exposure to a diverse range of industries and companies, so you will always be learning about new business trends and networking with others in almost every industry. If you’re good with numbers, have an analytical mindset and are a skilled networker, consider auditing! 

15. Social Media Manager

jobs that pay for travel and housing

Last but by no means least is Social Media Management. Social media is an essential platform for most if not all businesses these days.

Get paid to manage a portfolio of clients’ social accounts whilst on the road. Even better, find clients that require travel content such as airlines, hotels, tourism organisations, cruise ships and much more! 

Managing social media platforms involves, taking and editing photos, writing captions, creating a content schedule, planning feeds, responding to comments, creating a community, managing negative commentary, and growing a following.

If this sounds like something you could be interested in, start building a portfolio of your own to show prospective clients and employers. 

The Wrap Up: Jobs Where Travel Is Required

And just like that, we’ve come to the end of the list of jobs where travel is required!

As we bid farewell to this whirlwind tour of professions that let you rack up the frequent flyer miles, let’s remember that it’s not just about the job – it’s about the stories you collect, the cultures you soak in, and the friendships you forge with people you’d never otherwise meet.

Sure, it’s not all rainbows and sandy beaches. Jet lag might just become your new frenemy and suitcase Tetris is an art form in itself. But those passport stamps? They’re like badges of honour, each telling a tale of a new city conquered, a new challenge embraced.

So, whether you’re pondering a life as a consultant, a globe-trotting event planner, or an international journalist, remember that you’re not just choosing a career – you’re choosing a lifestyle.

Here’s to you – the people who believe that desks should come with wheels and that the real boardroom is a beachside café. May your Wi-Fi signal always be strong, your plane seats comfy, and your sense of adventure forever unquenchable.

So go out there, work-hard-play-hard champions! Keep your laptops charged and your passports closer, because the world is waiting for you to make your mark, one adventure at a time.

Safe travels, job adventurers!

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