21 Best Jobs for Travel Lovers – See the World & Get Paid!

Are you passionate about traveling and exploring new destinations? Do you dream of turning your wanderlust into a fulfilling career that allows you to roam the globe while earning a living? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best jobs for travel lovers.

Say goodbye to the mundane 9-to-5 office routine and say hello to a life of adventure and discovery!

From jobs that let you jet-set across continents to opportunities that immerse you in different cultures, I’ll unveil a world of possibilities for every travel enthusiast.

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or someone ready to embark on their first adventure, get ready to be inspired and find your dream job that lets you see the world and get paid for it!

Adventure awaits!?✈️

What are the best jobs for travel lovers?

Let’s dive in and explore the incredible opportunities that await travel lovers like you.

These jobs are applicable to a wide range of people with different skills, passions, and interests. I have also included my role…if you are a frequent reader of Defining Decade you may be able to guess! 

Here are the 21 best jobs for travel lovers. 

1. Travel Agent

best jobs for travel lovers
Travel Agent

First and foremost, you guessed it, a travel agent. 

Travel agents can make a decent living, especially once relationships with customers are formed and targets are hit! 

Expect to make anywhere between $50K to $100k (AUD), with a portion coming from commissions, so expect to be a salesperson. As you become more experienced and progress in your career, the opportunity to be a team leader or business leader will only increase your paycheck!

Travel agents are awarded familiarisation trips. These trips are either sponsored or heavily discounted by hotel chains, airline companies, and other travel providers. Explore new cities, countries, and cultures to share the newly gained knowledge with your customer base. 

So what does an average day look like? 

Travel agents can be remote or work in storefronts.  Expect to be on the phone, talking to customers, sharing travel advice, booking trips, assisting with budgeting and cost-saving strategies, and forming relationships. 

A travel agent job usually doesn’t require much experience, so it is a great entry-level job for anyone looking to balance travel and work.

2. Sales 

best jobs for travel lovers
Sales Associate

What is the highest paying job for traveling? 

A career in sales is one of the most lucrative jobs for travel lovers. Depending on the industry you work in sales roles often involve loads of travel. 

Common reasons to jump on a plane to a new destination include meeting clients, closing deals, doing product presentations, and attending conferences and events.

Sales roles are another career path where you can work your way up quickly, starting from limited experience.

Some industries that are definitely worth considering if you’re interested in frequent travel and a generous paycheck are Technology, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, and of course the Travel Industry itself! 

Software sales often bring in the largest paycheck of $80K to $130K plus! 

3. Marketing

jobs that require travel and pay well

Marketing is where my heart lies. Next on the list of best jobs for travel lovers, I can speak from direct experience! If you’re interested in a career in Marketing, listen closer. 

Pursuing a career in marketing has a number of pathways you can choose. Work for an agency and manage a portfolio of clients (this usually involves the most travel), work for a B2C (consumer) organization, B2B (business) organization, or a non for profit. 

Specialise or become a more generalist marketer. For example, copywriters, content creators, and film and photography specialties often involve travel to a range of destinations. 

The further you climb the corporate ladder, the more travel you can expect. Managers in my team are often jet-setting to Vegas, Toronto, London, Bali, and around Australia. 

If you would like me to go into more detail about a career in Marketing, let me know in the comments! 

4. Business Analyst

	government jobs that require international travel
Business Analyst

For the more technically inclined, consider a career as a Business Analyst to experience corporate travel perks. I was very close to accepting a role as a Business Analyst for a major software company but decided to take a path in Marketing.

A Business analyst is a bridge between a business or customer and technology. They identify areas of process improvement, assess risk, manage projects and change, and research and design technology solutions. Business analysts will travel to meet with clients, conduct user testing, and review process design. 

5. Flight Attendant or Pilot

career in travel

Enjoy the journey of traveling as much as the destination. Explore a career as a flight attendant or pilot. 

Flight attendants can earn a healthy paycheck, enjoy frequent travel and benefits, and have lots of opportunities for flexibility.

Prefer to be up the front of the plane driving ship, so why not become a pilot? To become a pilot you will need to study hard, pass exams, complete training, receive a license, and obtain medical clearance. 

You may also need to continue studying or training after receiving your license. This will all be worth it when the first paycheck comes in. Pilot salaries average $105K in Australia!

6. English Teacher

teach english overseas
English Teacher

Teach English abroad, there are endless countries you can work! There are billions of people around the world learning English, so teachers are in high demand. 

Check out some of the best countries to teach abroad based on feedback, salary, certifications, and more. 

7. Remote Software Developer

high paying jobs for travel lovers
Software Developer

Work from anywhere on your own schedule as a software developer. Technology touches every major industry and skilled employees are in high demand. Coding can be done remotely and more and more tech start-ups are employing around the world and not even investing in a physical office space. 

All you need is a good internet connection and you can work and live anywhere in the world! You may be thinking programming is too technical and complex, but once you get over the learning curve at the start, it can be a very rewarding career path. 

Typically you will need a degree in information technology or software engineering to get an entry-level job. A degree in information technology can open many doors in the future if you decide you want to take a different path to software development. 

8. Tour Guide

best jobs for travel lovers
Tour Guide

A tour guide is a great casual job to keep the cash flowing in on your travels. 

It is more commonly a temporary job that you can pick up at any destination. Start out in your hometown to get the hang of it, you’re an expert at navigating your home after all! 

Apply for a tour operator company or go out on your own and build your own tour service. 

9. Ski or Surf Instructor

jobs for travel
Surf Instructor

The best jobs for travel lovers who need to be active are surf and ski instructors. Spend a season abroad on the slopes or on the beach. 

If you aren’t as confident on the slopes teaching others, there are plenty of other opportunities, such as working in a ski hire shop or working as a receptionist. 

For a full-time career, follow the snow or sun around the world.

  • Perisher Jobs: Explore a variety of part-time and casual roles in Australia’s favorite skiing destination
  • Ski Japan: Seasonal roles in Japan’s best ski resorts. 
  • Beach Jobs: Find surf jobs around the world. Check out other roles such as Planners, Surf shop staff, and other surf-related work. 

10. Au Pair

jobs for travel lovers
Au Pair

Provide live-in care for the children of a host family as an Au Pair. This job is great for traveling to a foreign country with a small budget available. 

An au pair will typically help with childcare and light housework, in return for a free room to live in and some money. 

These are some great websites for exploring opportunities to work as an Au Pair.

11. Work on a Cruise Ship or Yacht

	jobs for travel and tourism management
Yacht Crew Member

Work on the waters as a deckhand or crew member. 

Cruise ships need waiters, bartenders, tour guides, entertainers, customer service staff and more. Cruises often have over 1,000 crew members, so there are plenty of opportunities.

If you want a peak into life on a yacht, watch the series, Below Deck.

12. Work in a Hostel

travel and tourism jobs for freshers
Hostel Worker

Travel the globe working in hostels to get by.

Hostels are often looking for staff to bartend, clean, run activities such as pub crawls and work at the desk. 

Working in a hostel gives you the flexibility of how long you want to work, such as  2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months, or longer. Many hostels will let you stay for free in exchange for your services. 

Not all hostels will advertise they are in need of new workers but don’t be afraid to ask!

13. Web Design & Development

jobs for travel
Web Designer

Combine creativity and technical expertise as a web designer or developer. Freelance and work on client projects you choose or explore remote opportunities. 

A career in web design or development can require a degree, particularly if you are more interested in the development side and working for digital agencies or larger organizations. 

However, there are a range of small businesses or startups that would be willing to hire someone without a degree but with an impressive portfolio. 

To be successful as a web designer, a portfolio is essential. Reach out to friends or family and offer your services for a discounted price, or even free. 

Kickstart your training with some online courses that are very reasonably priced. 

14. Photography & Film

entry level jobs that require travel

Capturing the beauty of travel through photography and film is certainly one of the best jobs for travel lovers. 

See the world through the lens of your camera and travel to the most breathtaking places on Earth. 

A great benefit of getting started in photography is you can start practising straight away and for a limited cost. Purchase an entry-level camera or even get started with your phone. Practice different angles, lighting, compositions, and edits. 

Check out online travel photography courses or head to your local bookstore and pick up a guide. 

Once again a portfolio is essential. Collate all of your best photos and videos and add them to a personal website and your resume. 

15. Freelance

travelling jobs for females

Freelancing gives you ultimate flexibility to determine your hours, clients, rates, and of course destination. 

These days there is a range of freelance marketplaces where you can promote your services. 

The options are also endless. Work as a consultant, copywriter, content creator, designer, developer, translator, or social media manager. 

Check out the following freelance marketplaces:

16. Writer & Blogger

business jobs that require international travel

Write your way around the world. Find work as a copywriter, or guest blogger, or even start your own blog. 

A benefit of creating content on the road is that travel provides you with new perspectives and sparks your creativity. Learn other insane benefits of travelling the world to further convince you of pursuing a career in travel. 

If you want to learn more about my blogging journey, let me know in the comments and I’ll write a dedicated post!

17. Social Media Marketing

entry level jobs that require travel

Social media is an essential platform for most businesses. Manage a portfolio of clients’ social accounts on the road. Even better, find clients that require travel content.

Managing social media platforms involves, taking and editing photos, writing captions, creating a content schedule, planning feeds, responding to comments, creating a community, managing negative commentary, and growing a following. 

18. Consultant

is there a job that pays you to travel

Interested in climbing the corporate ladder and traveling in style to meet with clients. 

A career in consulting can take you to major cities around the world to negotiate contracts, sign new clients, work on projects, and network at events. 

Working for a large consulting firm, or Big 4 accounting firm, can open doors to relocating to an office abroad for a period of time. Spend a year in London, New York or Singapore to experience new cultures. Spend your weekends and any days off exploring your new home. 

19. Athlete

Elite sport involves traveling around the world to compete in international tournaments.

Fun fact I once was an elite water polo player! In my career as an athlete, I traveled to South Africa, Montenegro, Germany, Croatia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and around Australia. 

Be prepared to spend most of your time training and competing when on road trips. A day off to explore feels like the absolute best reward after hours of strenuous training!

20. Event Coordinator

best jobs in travel
Event Coordinator

Running events can take you to many destinations. The events manager in my organization is jet-setting for months of the year to Singapore and beyond. 

Plan, manage, and market corporate or personal events. Enter the industry with a diploma or a degree.

Networking is key to accelerating your success and client base. 

21. Virtual Assistant

jobs that involve travelling
Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant offers administrative services such as scheduling appointments, making phone calls, arranging travel or scheduling travel. 

To start as a virtual assistant basic knowledge and skills are generally required such as Microsoft Office, customer service skills, organizational skills, and multitasking. 

FAQs: Best Jobs For Travel Lovers

Moving onto the most commonly asked questions about jobs for travel lovers.

Which job is best for people who love Travelling?

There are many jobs that are excellent for people who love traveling. Below are the best jobs to consider in my opinion.

  • Travel Writer/Blogger: Travel writers and bloggers travel the world and share their experiences with others. They write about their travels in magazines, newspapers, or blogs.
  • Flight Attendant: Flight attendants travel the world by working on planes, serving passengers and ensuring their safety.

  • Tour Guide: Tour guides lead groups of travelers to different destinations, providing information and commentary about the local area and its attractions.

  • International Aid Worker: International aid workers travel to different countries to help people in need, such as during natural disasters or in areas affected by conflict.

  • Photographer/Videographer: Photographers and videographers travel the world to capture footage of different places, cultures, and events.

  • Cruise Ship Worker: Cruise ship workers travel the world while working on a ship, providing a range of services to passengers.

  • Foreign Language Teacher: Foreign language teachers travel to different countries to teach their native language to others.

Overall, the best job for someone who loves to travel depends on their skills, interests, and qualifications. It’s important to research different job opportunities and find a career that aligns with your passions and goals.

What job requires the most travel?

There are several jobs that require a lot of travel as shown in this post, but the one that likely requires the most travel is that of a consultant.

Consultants work with a variety of companies and organizations to provide specialized advice and services in areas such as management, finance, technology, or healthcare. Due to the nature of their work, consultants often travel extensively to meet with clients, conduct research, or attend conferences and meetings.

Consultants may travel domestically or internationally, depending on the needs of their clients. They may spend several days or even weeks on the road, visiting multiple clients in different locations. The travel can be frequent and intense, with little time for rest or leisure activities.

Other jobs that require a lot of travel include sales representatives, pilots, flight attendants and journalists. These jobs can involve a significant amount of time away from home and may require traveling to different countries or regions of the world.

How do I become a full time Traveller?

Becoming a full-time traveler can be a dream for many people, but it’s important to know that it requires a lot of planning, preparation, and hard work. Here are some steps you can take to become a full-time traveler:

  • Define your travel goals: Before embarking on a full-time travel lifestyle, it’s important to define your travel goals and priorities. Do you want to travel to different countries, explore different cultures, or embark on adventurous activities?
  • Develop a budget: Traveling full-time can be expensive, so it’s important to develop a budget and financial plan. This may involve saving money, reducing expenses, and finding ways to generate income while traveling.
  • Define your travel style: There are many different ways to travel full-time, from backpacking and camping to luxury travel and digital nomadism. Decide on the travel style that best suits your interests and budget.
  • Prepare for the logistics: Full-time travel requires a lot of preparation, from obtaining necessary visas and vaccinations to packing the right gear. Make sure to research the logistics of traveling to different destinations and plan accordingly.
  • Find ways to earn money: As we’ve uncovered, there are many ways to generate income while traveling, such as consulting, teaching English, or freelancing Explore different options to find the best fit for your lifestyle.
  • Build a community: Full-time travel can be lonely, so it’s important to build a community of like-minded travelers and locals. This may involve joining travel groups or online communities, volunteering, or participating in local events and activities.

Becoming a full-time traveler requires a lot of dedication, planning, and hard work, but it can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. By following these steps, you can take the first steps towards achieving your dream of full-time travel.

The Wrap Up: Best Jobs for Travel Lovers

Those were the top 21 best jobs for travel lovers! 

The world is brimming with exciting opportunities for travel lovers to turn their passion into a fulfilling career.

Whether you crave the thrill of exploring uncharted territories as a travel blogger, finding solace in sharing your expertise as a tour guide, or delighting in cultural exchanges as an ESL teacher, the options are boundless.

From embracing the nomadic lifestyle of a digital nomad to joining the crew of a cruise ship, each job offers a unique pathway to traverse the globe while earning a living.

Remember, the key to finding the best job for you lies in understanding your interests, skills, and comfort level with being on the move. Research and networking play a vital role in discovering the perfect fit for your adventurous soul.

So, don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith, chase your dreams, and create a career that aligns with your wanderlust.

As you embark on this incredible journey, let the world become your classroom, and let the people you meet along the way be your greatest teachers.

Embrace the beauty of cultural diversity, seek out new experiences, and always remember that the true essence of travel lies not only in the places you visit but also in the transformative experiences that shape you.

So, pack your bags, set sail, and let your insatiable curiosity lead you to destinations unknown. Your dream job as a travel lover awaits, and the world is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Here’s to a life filled with adventures, unforgettable memories, and a career that allows you to live life on your terms. Happy travels! ✈️

Leave a comment if you have experienced any of the above or if there are any other jobs that are worth noting. 

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