Places Like Bora Bora But Cheaper!


Dreaming of a luxurious tropical getaway with culture to explore, adventures to experience and pristine beaches to relax by? Your mind may have jumped to Bora Bora, known for its luxe overwater bungalows, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. But unfortunately, Bora Bora comes with quite a price tag. If you’re after a gorgeous holiday in the tropics without breaking the bank, these are the top places like Bora Bora but cheaper.

Just to give you an idea of the cost to travel to Bora Bora I’ve calculated the average price for a mid-range trip.

The average price for a mid-range, 7-day trip, excluding flights, is around $2000-2200 USD for a solo traveller, $2500- $2700 USD for a couple. So you expect to pay around $275 per day!

Save your hard-earned pennies with these extremely comparable places like Bora Bora but cheaper!


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Places Like Bora Bora But Cheaper


places like Bora Bora
Places like Bora Bora but cheaper

Noumea, New Caledonia

places like bora bora but cheaper
Places like Bora Bora but cheaper

If you’re an Aussie or Kiwi, New Caledonia is a short trip away to experience the breathtaking beauty of the South Pacific with the subtle elegance of Europe. New Caledonia is a captivating, unique and diverse French overseas territory offering an exceptional variety of landscapes, cultures and activities. 

This corner of the globe should not be missed and is often not even considered when planning a holiday! Experience magnificent beaches, waterways and a range of breathtaking vantage points. 

Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, has a wealth of culture to explore. The multi-cultural city consists of mainly Melanesians (Kanak) and Europeans (French). The remainder are Polynesian and Asian. Spend time exploring museums, bush festivals, art galleries or theatres, and immerse yourself in the unique culture. 

Take a short trip to paradise, to experience the renowned gem of Southern New Caledonia, Isle of Pines. Labeled the closest island to paradise due to its crystalline waters, pure white sand and captivating views. Other islands to check out that are just as stunning are Ouvéa, Lifou, Tiga and Maré.

If you are a foodie, dine at Le Méridien Nouméa Resort & Spa’s resident restaurants to taste some serious French dining. When in France, you also need to treat yourself to some delicious Crepes. Creperie Le Rocher has a range o sweet or savory crepes to enjoy, and with a view!

What you need to know

Price for 2 travellers (excluding flights): To enjoy a mid-range trip to New Caledonia, expect to pay around $120-150 USD per day/per person.

Best time to visit

During the months of May, June, September and October.

Where to stay

Auberge Jeunesse Nouméa (budget hostel with a gorgeous terrace overlooking Noumea)

Hotel Beaurivage (mid-range hotel on the edge of the beach)

Oure Tera Beach Resort (mid-range resort in the Isle of Pines)

Top tours and activities

Amedee Lighthouse Full Day Excursion Including Pacific Dancing Show


cheap bora bora
Places like Bora Bora but cheaper

Moving onto Fiji, a popular tropical getaway for Aussies due to the short-haul flight and abundance of activities. Fiji, a mere 4-hour flight from Australia’s east coast, is one of the most popular South Pacific Islands to explore. With over 300 islands, beautiful resorts and overwater bungalows, and Fijian culture and traditions to be immersed in. 

Starting with Nadi, considered the gateway to all things fun in Fiji. Located on the western side, Nadi is close to the Coral Coast and Denarau Island.

When in Nadi, spend some time island hopping the dreamy Mamanucas islands, the jewel of Fiji. Mamanuca Islands are home to world-class surf breaks, hidden caves, and stunning reefs. A short trip via air or water and you’ve landed in an unspoiled, inhibited tropical paradise. If you are game, take the plunge and dive with sharks in Beqa Lagoon

Venture out further to experience even more alluring natural attractions. I would recommend you explore Kadavu island and the surrounding islands. Nadi to Kadavu is a short 50-minute flight so be sure to factor that into your itinerary. Kadavu is home to the fourth largest reef in the world, the Great Astrolabe Reef.  But wait there’s more! Immerse yourself in vine-tangled jungles, rocky headlands and isolated beaches. Truly magical!

If you prefer to stay closer to Nadi, take a trip to Port Denarau Island. Shopping, a round of golf, spa treatments, dining out lounging by the beach and more! Port Denarau has it all. 

Lastly, North of Fiji is the Yasawa Islands, home to the magical Sawa-i-Lau Caves, which you may have seen in the Hollywood movie, Blue Lagoon. Best visited from a nearby island resort or take a seaplane excursion from the mainland. 

What you need to know

Price for 2 travellers (excluding flights) To enjoy a mid-range trip to Fiji, expect to pay around $80-100 USD per day/per person.

Islands to visit: Denarau Island, Mamanuca Islands, Kadavu Island, Yasawa Islands

Best time to visit

Mid-October to mid-November is generally the best time to visit Fiji as prices are reasonable, there are fewer crowds and the weather is dry and warm.

Where to stay

Likuliku Lagoon Resort – Adults Only (stunning overwater or beachfront bungalows available)

Oarsman’s Bay Lodge (Budget mixed dormitory or studio apartment) 

Castaway Island, Fiji (luxury Fijian-style bungalows at an award-winning private island retreat on Mamanuca Islands) 

Radisson Blu Resort Fiji (mid-range stay on Denarau Island) 

Top tours and activities

Fijian Islands and Snorkel Full-Day Whales Tale Cruise including Beach BBQ Lunch

Robinson Crusoe Sunset Cruise Including Dinner, Cultural Show & Transfers

Cook Islands

places like bora bora
Places like Bora Bora but cheaper

Moving over to the spectacular Cook Islands. The Cook Islands has ties to New Zealand and is located halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. 

The diversity of breathtaking natural attractions means you can tailor your ideal itinerary. Whether you are after a fast-paced action-packed holiday or a laidback culturally enriching experience, the options are limitless. 

Firstly, add the largest island, Rarotonga, to your itinerary. Rarotonga, is the gateway to the Cook Islands, the perfect place to stay to see the highlights. Climb the summit of the island’s mighty volcanic peak, explore the turquoise waters, swim with tropical fish, dine at restaurants with a Polynesian twist or embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure. 

Get a taste of life on the Islands at the Punanga Nui Market every Saturday morning. Bustling with locals browsing the stalls and peaking up fresh produce for the week. Another highlight is the cultural performances on the main stage.

After exploring Rarotonga, spend a few days at Aitukai Island, located less than an hour’s flight from Rarotonga. The main town on the island, Arutanga, is a lovely place to stroll around and see the old church. Aitukai’s main drawcard is the small islets scattered across the crystal clear waters. Take a local cruise around to see it all! And make sure to stop off at One Foot Island to experience the tranquil location. 

Lastly, attend an Island Night to get a glimpse of cultural traditions. The Highland Paradise Cultural Centre on Rarotonga has excellent Island Night performances. If you can attend an Island Night in Aitutaki, you may be treated to Aitutakian fire-dancing, an impressive spectacle! 

What you need to know

Price for 2 travellers (excluding flights): To enjoy a mid-range trip to Cook Islands, expect to pay around $140-160 USD per day/per person.

Islands to visit: Aitutaki & Rarotonga

Best time to visit

Is during the shoulder months of April, May, September and October for a perfect balance of warm temperatures and dry skies. 

Where to stay

In Aitutaki

Tai Roto Bay (Authentic mid-range accommodation, located on it’s own private beach)

Matriki Beach Huts (affordable beach huts with a private terrace on the beachfront)

In Rarotonga

Lagoon Breeze Villas (mid-range villas set on tropical gardens with breakfast included)

Bella Beach Bungalows (mid-range bungalows right on the beach, free kayak access!)

Top tours and activities

Cook Islands Turtle Tour with Photagrapher

Half-Day Muri Lagoon BBQ Lunch Cruise including Snorkeling

‘Discover’ Rarotonga Cycling Tour with Lunch

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places like bora bora in australia
Places like Bora Bora but cheaper

Located in the South Pacific Ocean only a 3-hour plane ride from Brisbane, Australia, Vanuatu is an affordable experience not to be missed. From beautiful untouched waters to unique cultural experiences, Vanuatu is one of the best places like Bora Bora but cheaper! 

One of the best parts, Vanuatu is largely unexplored, unheard of, and doesn’t experience loads of tourists. Experience the deep-rooted culture, the friendly locals are eager to take you into the world to explore their world. Visit a range of villages and tribes across the islands to see what life in Vanuatu is like. 

Enjoy some of the world’s most pristine waters by diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, surfing, you name it! You can even scuba dive shipwrecks and World War 2 spots including Million Dollar Point. 

Get up close to an active volcano, and by close I mean the closest you are gonna get to any active volcano! Although not for the faint-hearted, its a once in a lifetime experience, to feel the heat, spell the sulfur and witness the eruptions. On the topic of volcanos, one drawback of travelling to Vanuatu is the risk of volcanic eruptions and subsequent tsunamis. If you plan to head to Vanuatu ensure you have travel insurance (which you should for any international travel) and just before you leave, check the Vanuatu Meterology alerts. If in doubt, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! 

What to do in Vanuatu

Continuing on with what to do in the absolutely gorgeous country of Vanuatu. I think a major drawcard for visiting Vanuatu is the blue caves. Located on Tanna Island, take a short dive underwater through the cave’s passageway and surface to an incredible sight. The sunlight floods through the top of the cave revealing the luminescent blue water. 

Speaking of blue water, the next attraction to see is the blue lagoon. Take a swing on the rope and enjoy the pristine blue water.  For all you beach lovers, a visit to Champagne Beach is a must to dip your toes in the powder white sand and clear waters. 

I could go on but the last must-see attraction in Vanuatu is watching the brave land divers of Pentecost Island. From April to June, land divers jump from the monumental towers with nothing but thin ropes and vines. A right of passage for men to thank and show reverence to the gods. 

What you need to know

Price for a solo traveller (excluding flights) To enjoy a mid-range trip to Vanuatu, expect to pay around $115 USD per day/per person.

Best time to visit

Between May and October for sunny days and to avoid the wet season and cyclones. 

Where to stay

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu, an IHG Hotel (range of Melanesian rooms including an overwater bungalow)

The Melanesian Port Vila (mid-range option on the waterfront with poolside bar and grill featuring cultural entertainment)

Tropicana Motel & Backpackers (budget option) 

Top tours and activities

Full-Day Vanuatu Round Island Tour from Port Vila

Discover Blue Lagoon, Cascades & Swim with Turtles in Vanuatu from Port Vila

Discover Cascades and Swim with Turtles in Vanuatu

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Philipines, Palawan

bora bora hotels
Places like Bora Bora but cheaper

Palawan is an island located west of the Philippines that will take your breath away. The capital of the Palawan Province is Puerto Princesa, one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines. Major tourist destinations within Palawan include Coron, famous for its diving and El Nido, famous for its towering cliffs.

Expect bright blue waters surrounded by karst stone island cliffs with plenty to explore. Gorgeous beaches to explore, caves, jungles, rustic Filipino food and bottomless beer! 

Your itinerary should include island-hopping, caving, ziplining, snorkeling and scuba diving. For a day filled with underwater activities, spend the day far north of Palawan on Coron Island.

Just look how spectacular it is!

One thing to note, is although the Philippines has fewer tourists and is a more authentic experience than popular islands such as Thailand, it can be a little trickier to get around and jump from island to island. That being said it is absolutely doable with some planning and budgeting to spend a little bit more.

What you need to know

Price for 2 travellers (excluding flights): To enjoy a mid-range trip to Palawan, expect to pay around $60-80 USD per day/per person.

Places to visit: Purteo Princesa, Coron, El Nido. 

Best time to visit 

From December to May to make the most of all activities available and to experience good weather or island hopping. 

Where to stay

In El Nido

Mad Monkey Hostel Nacpan Beach (budget option right on the beach with fun activities to get involved in)

Last Frontier Beach Resort-Adults Only (great mid-range option on the beach)

In Purteo Princesa 

Hostel Privado (very affordable hostel in a great location)

Panja Resort Palawan (outdoor pool overlooking lush greenery, great for couples and good value for the price) 

In Coron

Hop Hostel (fantastic hostel with a range of room options including private and shared)

Zuri Resort(affordable overwater bungalows!) 

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places like bora bora in mexico
Places like Bora Bora but cheaper

Further to the incredible places like Bora Bora but cheaper, Malaysia is an incredible alternative for saving dollars without sacrificing the experience.

Often travellers in South East Asia flock to Thailand, however, Malaysia is more untouched and just as beautiful (it shares its idyllic landscape with Indonesia!)

Spend a bit more in Penang or save your pennies in Langkawi. Or get the best of both worlds and do both!

Starting off with Penang, most of the tranquil beaches are on the northern side with a few along the western, south, and southwest coastline. Visit the famous beaches of Penang Batu Ferringhi and Tanjung Bungah, both of which have beachfront resorts with gorgeous views and loads of restaurants.

Water sports enthusiasts can spend the day jet-skiing, parasailing, or wind sailing, while the beach bums lay by the beach, sipping cocktails. Head down to the beach at sunset, to witness the incredible sight. 

Moving over to Langkawi, a romantic setting with white sand beaches and crystal waters to indulge in. Sample the local cuisine at the night markets, hike to waterfalls or go diving to explore the underwater world. 

World-class beaches on your list in Langkawi are Datai Bay, Tanjung Rhu and Pantai Cenang.

And lastly, a stop in Langkawi would not be complete until you stop by Eagle Square to check out the impressive eagle sculpture. 

What you need to know

Price for 2 travellers (excluding flights): To enjoy a mid-range trip to Malaysia, expect to pay around $60-80 USD per day/per person.

Islands to visit: Langkawai, Pom Pom Island, Penang Island, Redang Island and Tioman Island.

Best time to visit

From November to January for pleasant weather and a lively atmosphere. 

Where to stay

Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort (affordable overwater bungalows with private balconies!)

Places like Bora Bora in Australia

I couldn’t not include Australia in a post about places like Bora Bora but cheaper! To finish off, let’s cover my home country, Australia and the beautiful reefs on offer just waiting to be explored!

Whitsundays, Australia

overwater bungalows
Places like Bora Bora in Australia

Discover the heart of the Great Barrier Reef at the Whitsunday Islands.

I’m not joking, there is a giant heart reef!

Explore the stunning composition of coral that formed the heart from a helicopter for the best view. One of the most luxurious experiences on the Islands, but also the most unforgettable and truly breathtaking. 

All you really need to know is how gorgeous the Whitsunday Islands are and I’m sure you are sold on booking a plane ticking!

Located about a 1hr 30min flight from Brisbane, the Whitsunday has a range of beautiful islands waiting to be explored. 

Secluded white sandy beaches to tan on, turquoise water to swim in, and world-class luxury accommodations to relax and unwind. 

Jump on an ocean raft and enjoy the stunning Whitehaven beach, arguably one of Australia’s best beaches. Next, strap on the snorkels and head on over to Daydream Island to swim with hundreds of marine species. 

Set sail around the 70+ islands of the Whitsundays via a bareboat charter. Be your own captain and skipper on your own million-dollar yacht for the day! Talk about luxury and a once ina lifetime experience!

If you are able to splurge on your trip, why not spend the night underwater? A unique and memorable experience in a Reefsuite combined with snorkeling, main meals, beverages and a cruise. A truly unforgettable experience. 

What you need to know

Price for 2 travellers (excluding flights): To enjoy a mid-range trip to the Whitsunday Islands, expect to pay around $130-160 USD per day/per person.

Islands to visit: Hamilton Island, Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Island, Hayman Island

Best time to visit

September and October are peak times. Beat the crowds and the higher price tags in April and May while enjoying fantastic weather. 

Where to stay

Airlie Beach Magnums – Adults Only (great budget option)

Whitsunday Sands Resort (Private access to 2 beaches, great value choice)

Freedom Shores (It also has a private beach!) 

ReefSuites (Luxury, one of a kind experience) 

Top tours and activities

Whitehaven Beach Full-Day Snorkeling Cruise by High-Speed Catamaran

Whitsunday Islands and Heart Reef Scenic Flight

The Wrap Up: Places Like Bora Bora But Cheaper

Those were my top places like Bora Bora but cheaper! It is absolutely possible to have a luxury tropical getaway in other destinations that offer cheaper prices or a closer to your home town.

Leave a comment if you’ve been to any of the destinations mentioned above or if you prefer Bora Bora through and through!

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