130 Short Winter Captions for Instagram – Travel

Tis the season to be freezin! And to take loads of memorable photos with loved ones. Spend lest time crafting clever short winter captions for Instagram and more time enjoying this magical time of year.

In this post, you will find short winter captions that go with most cold-weather photos, funny winter captions to make your followers smile, Instagram captions for your epic skiing shots and what hashtags can be used for something extra.

I’m sure you do land on this page to hear me ramble on, let’s get straight into my all-time favourite short winter captions for Instagram, travel edition!

short winter captions for instagram
short winter captions for Instagram


Short Winter Captions for Instagram

Starting off with short winter captions for Instagram that will fit with most of your gorgeous winter photos!

Whether you are drinking hot chocolate, showing off your favourite cozy outfit or creating snow angels with your bestie, these cold weather captions for Instagram will look great on your feed.

short winter captions
Short winter captions
  1. Chilliest adventure yet
  2. License to chill
  3. Snow joke
  4. Baby it’s cold outside
  5. Catching snowflakes
  6. Escaping the heat
  7. Snow excited
  8. Sweater weather
  9. Feeling frosty
  10. Say freeze!
  11. Mittens, shmittens!
  12. I can’t feel my toes
  13. Snuggle weather
  14. Winter magic
  15. Mountains > Beach
  16. Winter wonderland
  17. Go with the snow
  18. Time to thaw out
  19. Dreaming of iced coffee weather
  20. In hibernation mode
  21. Colder than my soul
  22. Feeling angelic
  23. Winter days
  24. Let it snow
  25. Every winter has its spring
  26. Tis’ the season to be freezin
  27. Just chilling
  28. Love at frost sight
  29. Paradise is always tropical
  30. Lifes a mountain not a beach
  31. Chills and thrills
  32. Feeling the chill
  33. Dreaming of somewhere tropical
  34. When life gives you snow, make snow angels.
  35. Cold hands warm heart
  36. White out
  37. Eat, drink and be cozy
  38. Love you snow much!
  39. Chill out!
  40. Hello winter!

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Funny Winter Captions

Moving onto funny winter captions to make your friends, family and followers laugh!

short winter captions for instagram
Funny winter captions

41. Never too cold for a margarita 

42. I’d rather be skiing

43. Up to snow good, as per usual!

44. Shivering is my exercise

45. Turtle neck season

46. Snow darn cold

47. My nose is froze

48. The only word I know right now is ‘brrr’

49. Feeling a little flakey 

50. Someone is on thin ice

51. One of the cool kids

52. I’m not made for winter

53. Too cold too be cute

54. Home sleet home

55. Every day I’m shovelin

56. Wake me up when it’s summer

57. Totally sleighed it

58. Verrrrry winteresting

59. Colder than my soul

Winter Skiing and Snowboarding Captions

Next, we have the perfect captions for showing off the black run you just conquered, your cute ski outfit, or your apres ski hot tub.

short winter captions for instagram
cold weather captions for instagram

60. I like all kinds of black diamonds

61. Life is better on the slopes

62. It’s only downhill from here

63. No limits on the slopes

64. Just trying to stay upright

65. Ski hair don’t care

66. Just here for the apres ski

67. Fresh tracks

68. I dream of powder days

69. Do you even lift? 

70. Powder to the people

71. Off-piste or just lost

72. On top of the world

73. Skiing > Surfing

74. Ski all day everyday

75. Days on the slopes

76. Follow my tracks

77. Happiness is the first tracks.

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White Christmas Winter Captions

Next is a range of captions for all your winter festivities.

cozy captions for instagram
Cozy captions for Instagram

78. Christmas Magic is in the air.

79. Tis the season to sparkle.

80. We’re definitely on the cute list.

81. Dear Santa, define ‘nice.’

82. But first, let me take an elfie.

83. Most magical time of the year

84. Feelin’ frosty

85. Fleece Navidad

86. Dashing through the snow

87. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

88. Meet me under the mistletoe.

89. My favorite color is Christmas lights.

90. I’m a morning person… on December 25th

91. You rock my Christmas socks.

92. Let’s get elf’d up.

93. Snow place like home.

94. The forecast is un-brrr-lieveable.

95. A December to remember

96. Ski-sons Greetings!

97. The ho-ho-holidays are here!

98. Don’t even snow there!

99. More peppermint please

100. On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

101. Single and ready to jingle

102. Believe in your elf

103. Dear Santa…I can explain

104. Feast mode

105. Resting grinch face

Short Winter Hashtag captions

To finish off, we have just a few hashtag captions. Use them on their own or add them to any of the above short winter captions for Instagram!

106. #frozen

107. #freezingmyassoff

108. #cozy

109. #snuggleweather

110. #sleigh

111. #winterwonderland

112. #hittingtheslopes

113. #sweaterweather

114. #turtleneckseason

115. #hotcocoatime

116. #brrrr

117. #feelingcozy

118. #Icantfeelmyfingers

119. #frozensolid

120. #timetodefrost

121. #apresski

122. #tistheseason

123: #wintermood

124. #freezingfriday

125. #coldoutside

126. #tocoldforme

127. #feelingfestive

128. #angelic

129. #frozenfever

130. #frozenedit

Leave a comment with your favourite short winter captions for Instagram!

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