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11 BEST Bali Day Trips & Excursions You’ll LOVE 2024


If you’re seeking the best Bali day trips and excursions to make the most of your time, you’ve come to the right place. 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or an adrenaline junkie, Bali has loads of options to create unforgettable memories. 

In this post, I’ll take you through the best Bali day trips and excursions that will leave you in awe of this tropical paradise. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in stunning natural wonders, ancient temples, vibrant markets, and thrilling adventures that will truly make your Bali experience extraordinary. 

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11 Best Bali Day Trips

You came here for the best Bali day trips so let’s jump straight into my all-time favourite excursions!

1. Ubud Day Trip (Best All-Round Bali Day Trip)

Ubud Palace on the best of Ubud day trip in Bali

Firstly, on my list of the best Bali day trips, embark on an exciting day trip to Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali.

Dive into the vibrant local art scene as you browse through lively art markets and discover unique souvenirs to bring back home.

Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking Tegalalang Rice Terrace, a stunning sight that will leave you in awe.

Don’t miss out on the chance to visit the majestic Puri Saren Palace (Ubud Palace) and soak in the spiritual vibes at Tirta Empul Temple with its natural springs.

And get ready to have a blast exploring the Ubud Monkey Forest, where cheeky monkeys roam around the ancient temples.

By taking a tour you will have a friendly and knowledgeable guide by your side, who can give you fascinating insights about the amazing architecture and the traditional “subak” irrigation system that keeps Bali’s landscapes thriving. Plus, the tour guide will take gorgeous photos of you, perfect for solo travellers, couples or families alike!

I highly recommend immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Ubud on this incredible day trip bookable on Viator.

➡️ Book your Best of Ubud Bali Day Trip!

Ubud Day Trip Tour Reviews

5⭐ 4419 reviews

2. Nusa Penida (One Of My Favourite Bali Day Trips!)

The stunning Nusa Penida is one of my favourite Bali day trips

Nusa Penida is one of the best Bali day trips you can take!

Embark on a day trip to Nusa Penida, a picturesque island located southeast of Bali. Discover stunning viewpoints like Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach, swim with manta rays at Manta Point, and relax on the crystal-clear waters of Angel’s Billabong.

Penida Island, situated between Bali and Lombok, is a wild and rugged paradise that’s famous for its stunning photo spots. Just look at how stunning it is!

And now, you can experience all the beauty of Penida Island without the hassle of transport with an all-inclusive private package! Get ready for an adventure-packed day as you explore the island’s top attractions with your very own local driver-guide.

Hit all the must-see sights on Penida Island. From the mesmerizing Pasih Uug Beach, a collapsed sea cave, to the famous Kelingking Beach that has taken Instagram by storm, you’ll be capturing picture-perfect moments at every turn.

Don’t miss out on a visit to Angel’s Billabong, a natural infinity pool, and the pristine white sands of Crystal Bay.

With a private driver-guide exclusively for your group, you can explore Penida Island in style. They’ll plan the best route, which is especially helpful in an area where the signal can be unreliable.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for an unforgettable day full of stunning landscapes and amazing photo opportunities.

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Nusa Penida Tour Reviews

5⭐ 1366 reviews

3. Tanah Lot

The captivating Tanah Lot on a Bali tour

Get ready for an epic all-day adventure in Bali!

Join a private guided tour that will take you to some of the island’s most significant spiritual and historical sites.

Kick off your journey at Tanah Lot, a Hindu temple perched on a rocky outcrop in the sea. The views are simply mind-blowing!

Next up, head to Jatiluwih Green Land, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can wander through thick tropical forests and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.

Lastly, visit the famous Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, known for its stunning setting and popularity among photographers.

Throughout the tour, enjoy personalized attention from your guide who will share interesting insights about the sites you visit.

This tour is perfect for first-time visitors who want to make the most of their time on the island. Convenient hotel pickup and drop-off services are included, making it a hassle-free experience.

Get ready to explore Bali’s spiritual and historical treasures on this unforgettable private tour.

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Tanah Lot Tour Reviews

5⭐ 395 reviews

4. Uluwatu

Uluwutu fire performance is a day trip in Bali you simply can't miss

Experience an immersion of Balinese culture at the dramatic cliffs and breathtaking ocean views of Uluwatu.

There’s no better place than the Uluwatu cliffs to see a wonderful evening performance of the Kecak and Fire Dance.

Marvel at over 50 performers as they dance the spectacular Kecak to the beatboxing of the male voice choir.

Then, take in the temple itself before indulging in a set menu of fresh-caught seafood on Jimbaran Beach, all while watching the sunset.

By booking a tour, you will get 2-way transfers from many south Bali and Ubud hotels, so you won’t need to worry about transportation.

Treat yourself to this magical experience and book this tour now before it sells out!

➡️ Click here to book your Uluwatu Tour

Uluwatu Tour Reviews

5. Mt Batur Volcano

Mt Batur is the perfect Bali day trip for the adventure seekers

Next on the list of the best Bali day trips, is exploring Bali’s holy Mount Batur in the early morning, surrounded by a magical sunrise.

If you are seeking some adventure in Bali, try a full-day, small-group trek up the summit of Mount Batur from Kuta or Ubud with a Balinese guide.

The remarkable views of the island are well worth the hike and early morning wake up!

Climb over black sand and lava-formed hills to explore the UNESCO-recognized crater, then watch the sunrise as you have breakfast on the edge of the volcano.

I highly recommend taking a tour if you aren’t an experienced hiker or are planning on going alone. Your tour guide will take you on the safest route and will make your trip as smooth as possible.

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6. Day Trip to Luwak Coffee Plantation

On my Trip to Luwak Coffee Plantation I found this gorgeous swing in the lush forests of Bali

Next, when you’re in Bali I recommend a visit to the Luwak coffee plantation. Luwak coffee, is a very unique coffee variety that is produced from the digestion of Asian palm civets, small mammals native to the region.

Or to put it more bluntly, the coffee is produced by collecting the droppings of a civet after it has digested coffee beans.

The trip to a Luwak coffee plantation not only provides an opportunity to taste this unique coffee but also offers insights into the coffee-making process and the chance to explore the surroundings.

During the day trip, you can learn about the entire coffee production process, from the cultivation and harvesting of coffee cherries to the roasting and brewing techniques.

One of the highlights of the visit is observing how the Luwak coffee is made. The civets eat the ripest coffee cherries and their digestive enzymes ferment the beans. The beans are then collected thoroughly washed, and processed for further refinement.

Enjoy a tasting session where you can sample a variety of coffee flavor and teas produced in the plantation. I found it a certainly unique experience, and let’s just say I think I’ll stick to my barista-made skinny cappuccino.

Wandering around the plantation is an experience in itself, offering stunning views of Bali’s lush landscapes.

There is even a super scenic swing that you can try out if you’re game!

➡️ Ubud Highlights Tour & Mt. Batur with Luwak Coffee Tasting

7. Day Trip to Tegalalang Rice Terraces 

Tegalalang Rice Terraces  makes for a memorable Bali day trip!

One of the most popular Bali day trips is a visit to the beautiful Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Located near Ubud you can immerse yourself in the lush green landscape of rice paddies, a unique scene you don’t see every day!

Join a Bali day trip that takes you to three stunning waterfalls, the Tegalalang Rice Terrace (including a swing experience), and a coffee plantation, with an optional additional swing.

Begin your adventure at the beautiful Kanto Lampo Waterfall, followed by the picturesque Tibumana Waterfall, and conclude at the mesmerizing Tukad Cepung Waterfall, renowned for its captivating light effects.

Capture memorable moments at Kanto Lampo, Tibumana, and Tukad Cepung waterfalls while flying above the Tegalalang Rice Terrace on a swing.

At the rice terraces, you will meet local farmers who set up small stalls along the pathways, offering refreshing coconut water, tropical fruits, and local snacks. Take the opportunity to take a break, interact with the friendly locals, and support the community.

This day trip promises to fill your camera roll with breathtaking sights and create lasting memories.

➡️ Best of Ubud Waterfalls, Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Swing Tour

Tegalalang Rice Terraces Reviews

5⭐ 17 reviews

8. Traditional Village Sightseeing Tour In Bali

Bike tout in bali through the local villages was one of my favourite Bali Day Trips!

One of the more memorable Bali day trips I did was a full-day bike tour through the traditional villages.

Venture off the beaten path to explore indigenous villages, including Bayung Gede Kintamani, Taro, and Keliki, and delve deep into the rich local culture and fascinating history.

Ride through picturesque landscapes including rice fields, lush rainforests, and Hindu temples.

Stop off for an authentic Balinese lunch before continuing on the journey.

Just a word of warning it will be hot, so dress comfortably, bring plenty of sunscreen and mosquito spray and loads of water!

Book your Bali Mountains and Villages Cycling Tour

9. Day Trip to Gili Islands

Gili Islands is the perfect day trip from Bali if you are a beach lover

Embark on one of the most unforgettable Bali day trips as you head to the captivating Gili Islands.

The Gili Islands are a group of three islands nestled in the crystal-clear waters of Indonesia.

Leave the bustling mainland behind and set off on a journey to a tropical paradise.

To get to the islands board a speedboat from the harbour. After a 1-hour 30-minute scenic boat ride, you’ll arrive at the gorgeous Gili Islands.

Gili Trawangan, the largest of the three islands has a vibrant atmosphere, lively beach clubs, and a great nightlife scene.

Gili Air is known for its pristine beaches and stunning underwater marine life, perfect for snorkelling or diving. Finally,

Gili Meno, the smallest and most secluded of the trio, presents a tranquil paradise where you can unwind in untouched nature and enjoy the seclusion of its pristine beaches.

During your day trip, you’ll have ample time to explore the island of your choice. Relax on white sands, bask in the warm tropical sun, and take refreshing dips in the crystal-clear waters. I would also recommend some snorkelling, scuba diving, or paddleboarding to explore the vibrant coral reefs and colourful marine life.

As lunchtime approaches, enjoy a meal at a beachfront restaurant, serving a selection of fresh seafood and local produce.

When it’s time to leave the islands, board the boat once again to head back to the mainland.

➡️ Book an unforgettable Gili Islands Snorkeling Trip

10. Sekumpul Waterfalls

The best of Bali day trips isn't complete without a visit to the Sekumpul Waterfalls

Next on the list of the best Bali day trips is a tour of the breathtaking Sekumpul Waterfall. Your adventure begins with the smoking summit of the Kintamani Volcano and the iconic Tegalalang Rice Terrace, where you can capture stunning photos of Bali.

From there you will conquer a somewhat challenging hike that rewards you with panoramic views of surrounding valleys.

When you reach the Sekumpul Waterfall, go for a dip in the waterfall for a truly magical experience. Trust me, it will feel like you’re in a fantasy movie.

End your tour at Pura Ulun Danu Batan, a Hindu temple with great spiritual significance. Take in the intricate architecture and immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere, appreciating the rich cultural heritage of Bali.

To explore Sekumpul and Banyumala Waterfalls on an all-inclusive private hiking tour check out: Sekumpul and Banyumala Waterfalls Hiking Tour (Private & All-Inclusive).

➡️ Click here to book your Sekumpul and Banyumala Waterfalls Hiking Tour

Sekumpul and Banyumala Waterfalls Tour Reviews

5⭐ 76 reviews

11. Bali Instagram Tour (One Of My Fave Bali Day Trips!)

The Gates of Heaven on the Bali instagram tour

Last but by no means least, is the Bali Instagram tour!

Hit up the best of Bali’s captivating temples, pristine white sand beaches, and UNESCO-listed rice terraces, all of which offer the best backdrops for Insta pics!

Join an exclusive tour that showcases the most photogenic destinations in Bali, granting you ample time to strike gorgeous poses while creating unforgettable memories. Plus your tour guide can help you take the shot!

Tick off an exhilarating swing amidst the lush Bali jungle from your bucket list and immerse yourself in the beauty of a stunning waterfall.

An Instagram tour of Bali wouldn’t be complete without a photo at the ‘Gates of Heaven’. Simply spectacular.

You will also visit the beautiful Tirta Gangga water temple where you can take a photo on the water’s stepping stones.

At each stop along the journey, don’t forget to stop and soak in the moment, it can be easy to get swept into taking the perfect shot.

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Bali Instagram Tour Reviews

5⭐ 966 reviews

Visiting Bali: FAQs

Visiting the rice fields in Bali on a day trip

Now that we’ve covered the best Bali day trips, let’s briefly run through some frequently asked questions about visiting Bali.

How many days do you need in Bali?

The number of days in Bali really depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the activities on your bucket list. 

That being said, a recommended stay in Bali is typically around 5-7 days. This will allow you to explore the island’s diverse attractions and experiences.

During this time, you can visit iconic temples like Uluwatu and Tanah Lot, explore the cultural heart of Ubud with its art galleries and traditional markets, relax on the beautiful beaches of Seminyak or Nusa Dua, and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Canggu.

Tip! Looking for the best places to stay in Canggu, I’ve you covered!

You can also venture into the landscapes of central Bali to discover stunning rice terraces, waterfalls, and volcanic mountains.

If you have more time available, you can explore Bali’s neighbouring islands like Nusa Penida or the Gili Islands, or venture further to the nearby Komodo National Park.

Can you get around Bali without a car?

It is absolutely possible to get around Bali without a car, it is actually recommended.

Bali has a variety of options for getting around that can take you to different parts of the island.

Taxis are available in Bali, especially in tourist areas like Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud. You can easily hail a taxi on the street or use ride-hailing apps like Grab. Make sure to use a reputable taxi company, I suggest Bluebird Taxis to ensure fair pricing.

Renting a motorbike is another popular choice for many travellers in Bali as it is often the quickest way to navigate through traffic. However, it can be pretty dangerous so a helmet is a must and you also need a valid international driving license.

I personally recommend arranging private drivers or booking tours to get around, as it is often the safest and most convenient option.

It’s also very important to have travel insurance that covers you. 

And lastly, exploring Bali on foot is a free and easy way to explore Bali, especially in more compact areas like Ubud or Seminyak. You can stroll through local markets, visit temples, and discover hidden gems at your own pace.

Is Uber available in Bali?

No, Uber is not available in Bali. 

That being said Grab and Gojek are widely used and provide similar services. These apps allow you to book cars or motorbikes in Bali. They are convenient, and reliable, and often offer competitive pricing. 

You can easily download the Grab or Gojek app on your phone and use it to book rides during your stay in Bali.

Is Bali Overrated?

Wondering if Bali lives up to the hype? Find out in my detailed guide: Is Bali Overrated?

Conclusion: Best Bali Day Trips

And there you have it, the 11 best Bali Day Trips!

If you’re looking for the perfect all-rounder tour, I suggest opting for the Ubud Day Trip which includes visiting a monkey forest, the Ubud Palace, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Tegenungan Waterfalls and more. It’s the best bang for your buck and you can hit many of Bali’s best sights in 1 day.

I also highly recommend a day trip to Nusa Penida, it is a breathtaking site that you don’t want to miss!

And lastly, if you love taking gorgeous photos, consider joining the Bali Instagram tour to see the most Instagram-worthy spots!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite day trip in Bali is.

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